The new Generation of Faulkners. My grandson, Willie Faulkner.

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The  Bride  and  Bridegroom,  SARAH  AND  JONATHAN Jr.



Wedding occasions,what  they  convey,  and their  climax are  meant  to  be  symbolic and  memorable, and  my nephew's  wedding  on  September 5, 2015, at  the  Barcelo' Maya  Palace deluxe, Mexico  is  no  exception. As  parents we  all  strive to  secure  the  best  for  our  children, and  for  the  Bride  and  Bridegroom, SARAH  and  JONATHAN, Jr,  their  persona  is  indicative  of  both  families  superb  parental accomplishments.   Dr  Jonathan and  Jane  Lengar,  and  Dr. Bill  and  Darla  Lindquist, to  summize  our  appreciation in  few  words,  congratulations  for  a  job  well  done.  My  brother in  law, Dr  Lenger  and I  also, on  behalf of  our  families  welcome our  little  angel baby Aminata.

It is an  honor  to Introduce  to  my  colleagues  and  face  book  friends,   our  wedding  stars  of  the  month  of  september, 2015:   the  Bride  and  Bridegroom, SARAH  AND  JONATHAN  Jr.  Let  us  welcome  them  with  Sierra  Leone's most  popular  wedding  serenade the  Creole  version, and  please  join  me. 











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A Memorable  Wedding. Meet  the  participants  and  our  guests.


The  Bride and  Bridegroom, Sarah and  Jonathan Jr.


The  Bride  Parents, Dr. Bill  and  Darla  Lindquist.

 their  siblings, Levi and Long 


The  Bridegroom  parents, Dr. Jonathan and Jane  Lengar.

Their siblings, Tonya, Mo, and  David.


Uncles,  Willie  Faulkner,   Representing  my  brother also,  his  wife Donna


The Faulkners wives, Donna and Muna,

Cousins, Phyllis and  husband,  the Johnsons, other close families  and  friends.

 The  Bride  and  Bridegroom  colleagues, college  buddies, other  representations.


Thanks  for  your  sacrifice  and overwhelming  support.




Willie Faulkner. 1984, At China's Great Wall, as guest of Foreign dept, Central bank of China.

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China  is  an  Asian  nation  state  with  over  a  billion  population   constantly  changing.  A  vibrant  nation  with  the  potential  for  an  extensive  and  sustainable  local  market in  the  long  run, an also, as a vibrant nation, China  is  set  to  emerge  as  one  of  the  world's economic  wonders. From  an  historical  perspective, the  citizens  of  China as   distinct  social and  economic unit,  motivated  by  their   will  to  survive  over  a  period  of  time,  miraculously  transformed  China's  non-  conventional  productive  base  from  that  of  poverty  to  one  of  a  sustained  rising  middle  class  with   an  elaborate  import  and  export  market.  Within  that  rising  productive  environment  as a significant  productive unit, it  has  emerged  as  a  prospective  contending  giant.  China's  approach  to  communism  and  welfare  economics,  and  the  elements  of  quality, value,  and  choice  provided  the  basis  for  price  discrimination, but  it  was  the  element  of  choice  by  diversification   for  the  " haves  and  the  haves  not,"   that  sustained the  ingenuity  of   China's  rising productive  middle  class.  By  this  creative  process,  China   successfully  transformed  the  world  market  into  a  partial  dumping  ground   for  cheap commodity  exports,  and  for  the   Western  European  nations,  these   commodity  exports  were  categorized  as  the made  in  China  immitations.  In  my  days  as  a  Sierra  Leonean,  a  similar  Creole  phrase, " SANKAMEROON,"  was  carved  for  these  branded  commodity  exports, and they were so  attractive  and  real  to  convince  any  customer.  From  these  brand  of  exports,  China   accumulated a  substantial  value  of  reserves  in  foreign  currencies,  gold  bullions and  the  bitcoin holdings. Following  China  are  Japan, Taiwan,  India  and  South  Korea,  with  the  United  States  and  Germany    below  the  Chinese  reserve  acquisitions. 


The  global  market  is  seen  by  many  as  a  dumping  ground  for  cheap  commodity  exports, and  China  and  the  other Asian trading  partners are  no  exceptions. In  the  late  1980s,  and  early  1990s, following  a  universal  debate  on  the  need  for  China's  revaluation, eventually  in  the  long  run,  China  did  revalue.  There  were   questions  on  the inadequacy  of  the  revalued   rate, but a  second  revaluation  never  occurred, and  in  August, 2015, China  surprisingly  devalued  the  Yuan. In  retrospect,  there  was  no  convincing  justification  for  this  currency  devaluation.  According  to  the  Chinese, the  escalating  weak  stock  market  threatened  the  stability  of  the  country's economy and  as  a  last  resort, the Central  bank  of  China  devalued  the  Yuan, setting it's  initial  rate at  1.67 against  the  U.S. dollars  to  float.  As a  result of  this  currency  devaluation, the  Chinese  administration  sought   to  lower the  country's  export  price  to  attract  foreign  demand  and  more  sales,  but  there  were  doubts  about  the   effectiveness of   the  devaluation, and  against  these  odds,  the  devaluation  fell  short  of all  expectations,  causing  a  further  tumbling  of  the   Chinese  stock  market,  and  simultaneously   dragging  down  the  other  major  foreign  stock  markets  also.  We  must  be   reminded   that  in  retaliation,  there  is  the  likelihood  for China's  competitive  Asian  trading  partners to  engage  in  a  price manipulating war  scheme  to  offset  China's  world  market domination,   and  you  bet  they  will. 



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China  is  still  a  developing  country,  and  constantly  growing  with  a  population  of  over  a  billion  people.When  there  is  an economic  crisis, the  magnitude  of  China's  population, and  the  factors  of  politics  and  economics  are  just  as  relevant  in  determining  the   magnitude,  and  how  it  can  be  resolved,  but  when  erroneously,

we  ignore  these  problems,  and   the  Chinese  currency  devaluation  being  no  exception, it  becomes  a  guessing  game  of  speculation, skepticism  and  panic,  as  was  the  case  of  the   tumbling   Chinese  stock market,  or  the  stock markets  of  the  Western  European  industrial  nations. 


China  devalues  the  Yuan, and  in  doing  so sanctions  a  fall  in  it's  value  to  increase  exports  and  sales,  but  as  a  result  of  the  devaluation  also,   as  the  cost  of  China's  imports  rises,  or  becomes  more  expensive, a  policy  is  in  place to  accommodate  less  imports,  and  more of  China's   local   products  for  home  consumption. That's  the normal  textbook  approach,  but  there   are   other  alternatives:   Firstly,  an  extended low  interest  rate  loans  to  the   Chinese   banking  system  is  just  one  alternative,  but  it  may  not  be  as  effective because  of   the  magnitude  of  the  Chinese  population,  and  the  risk  that , " too  much  money  chasing  too  few  goods"   can  awake  a  sleeping  recession.   In  addition,  as  a  last  resort,  a  possible   proportional  disposal  of  China's foreign  reserve  holdings  may  be  applicable,  but  based  on  the  complexities  of  China's  financial  problems,  this  suggestion  is  just  an  assumption.    


 There  are  political  and  social  constraints, and  the  following  should  suffice;  firstly,  China's    version  of  Communism  and  the  free  market  economy,  the  rule  of  law, universal  fundamental  rights, and  the  right  of  the  govern  to  be  governed  by  consent. Secondly, resolving the  country's   national  security  set backs' by  addressing the   recent events  of    mysterious  chemical  explosions, collapsing  building  structures, unwanted  loss  of  human  lives,  over  flooded  waste  lands  more. These  are  causes  for  doubts  on   the  durability  of  China's  commodity  exports.  Thirdly, the  case of  China's  territorial  Hong-kong  as  one  of  it's  premier  financial  centers, and the  need  for  resolving  the  China - Hong-kong  constitutional  crisis  is  relevant for   the  pursuit  of  economic  development.  Fourtly, China's  massive   financial  sponsorship  of   the  BRICKS  development  bank, was  it  an  attempt  to  provide  the  basis  for  competing   with  the  World  Bank?  If  so, it  well  be  unsuccessful  and a  disaster.  Massive  financial aids  to  Africa, and  the  funding  of military  aids  with  strings  attached  to  Africa's   repressive   regimes.  



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The  demise of  a  Sierra  Leone Celebrity, Bunny  Mac of  "Oh my  sweetie, Oh  my  darling I  love  you  fame" has  reached  us and  we  are  saddened. Bunny's glorious  days  have  ended. To  the  aging  generarion  of  our  township's  once  D.I.W. Club  of Waterloo, your  consultant  in  chief  lives  no  more, and  indeed, he  has  gone  home and  bound  for  "CANAAN SHORE"  to sin no more. Bunny  Mac is  safe in  the  hands  of  Jesus.  To  Tasha, Eguton, and  to  his  entire  grieving family, on behalf  of  the  Willie  Faulkner  family, the  aging  generation  of  the  D.I.W. Club, Waterloo, please accept  our  condolences. Bunny  Mac, "GOOD  BREEZE  KERR  YOU  GO." 


May  his  eternal  soul  rest  in  peace, perfect  peace.   


Willie  Faulkner,   For  the  attention;



All  Sierra  Leoneans  at  home  and  Abroad, and   whereever  you  may  reside, we  ask  you  all  to  join  us  in  mourning  the  demise of  our  dear  brother,  and  friend,  Bunny  Mack'  of, " Oh  my  sweetie, Oh  my  darling I  love  you"  fame. My  gratitude  to  Abdul G Kamara  and  others  for  their  kind  remarks,  and  a  befitting  eulogy   will  reflect  the  late  Bunny  Mack'  as  an  astute, and  distinguished  Celebrity.  My  eulogy  premise  will  be    " the  world is  not  my  own, I'm just a passing  through,"   and  a memorial dedication  on  behalf  of   all  our   aging  members  of  the  DIW  Club, Waterloo,  worldwide  and  at  home.


















My  stand  on  the  debt  crisis between  the  Euro  Zone  community  and  the  nation  state  of  Greece  can  be  determined  by  the  convinience  of  a  TWO  TIER  BAILOUT  alternative, but  my  question,  intriguing  as  it  may  appear, holds  the  secret to a compromising  solution.  It  sorrounds  the   phsycic  of  the  Euro  creditors as  to  what  extent, or  at whose  expense  can  they  accommodate  the  incentive  of a moderate  bailout.  Can  the  creditors  accommodate a temporary suspension  of  a  Euro  bailout  of 1.2 billion Euro  currency repayment, and a specific  improvised  suspense  fund,  intended  to  ensure  the  procurement  of  a  recurring   payment  deposit  for  the  purpose  of  a  Euro  bailout  scheme? The  set  up  of such an improvised scheme  can  be  worked  out  among   the  Greeks,  their  creditors and  the  Euro  Zone. I am not an expert on  the  disposal of  an  amalgamated,  union  member's  financial  assets, but  experience  has  taught  us  all,  that  if  there  is  tranquility  and  patience, there  will  be  always, the  chance  for  a  compromise consistent   with my  alternative.

There  are  two  alternatives;  in   which  either  of  the  two  must  uphold  the  sanctity  of  Greece  national  sovereignty.Firstly, a bailout  that  retains Greece  membership, but within  it a depreciation, or  devaluation of Greece's  stock  holdings, both private  and  public. Secondly, as  a  Euro Zone  member,and  on  the  domestic  side, the  utilizing of  the  Euro  currency as  a means  of  exchange for  domestic  consumption. Thirdly,as a  Euro  member, an import-export trade  alternative in  which  the Greece  monetary  component of  the  Euro  currency is  subject to  a  bailout  depreciation, or devaluation  for  all  foreign  trade  transactions, and  the  arrangement can  be  worked  out.  My  profound  respect goes  to  the Greeck Prime  Minister,  Mr Alexis TSibras  for  his  courage  and  his  astute  leadership. We  must  be  reminded, that  the  portrait  of   Greece  and  it's  citizens is  of  a  great  significance. The  citizens  of  Greece,  surrounded  by the  mantles of  the  once  Plato  and  Aristotle,   deserve the  support  of the  entire  world, and  the  premise  of  my  hypothesis  tells  me  so. Firstly, To  the  Euro  Zone  technocrats, the  citizens  of  Greece  have   become  the  Euro  zone  decayed,  egg,  unfit  for  the  natural  rights of  every member  nation  state.  According  to  the  Euro  technocrats  also,  Greece  is  a  menace  and  deserves  to  be kicked out. Secondly,  Greece  is  extremely  broke with  no  credible  self  defence  except   it's  citizens  No  Vote against  an imposed  austerity package. There  are  no  plausible alternatives  because  the citizens  of  Greece  cannot  squeeze  water  out  of  stone, and  as  a last  resort, left  at  the Greeks   disposal, it  will  have  to  exit   the  Euro Zone  community.  Greece  will  create  it's  own  local  currency and  devalue it,  a  suicidal  Herculean  challenge, but    that's  the  price  the  Citizens  of  Greece  will  pay to  sustain a  nation's  national  sovereignty.


Can the  world stand idly  by? Certainly NO. The United States, China and Russia, your  moment  for  a  world wide redemption awaits  you, Abandon your  petty differences to  protect  the  memory, and  legacies of our  ancient  world  perfectionists, Plato  and  Aristotle. It's a noble  cause,  and  it  is  the  right  one,  just  say  No to  the  Euro  zone  retardation 


Your  comment  on  this  article  will  be  appreciated.








The  Sierra  Leone  President, Ernest  Koroma is  in  the  United  States, and  to  him  directly  my  question  is Firstly, how  realistic  of  this  magnitude, is  your  anticipation of an Ebola  restitution?  Secondly,  is  there  a  link  between  your  current  trip  to  the  U.S. and  the ongoing  demolition  of  the APC's sponsored City  of  Freetown "Pan  Body Ghettos?"  

At  a  BBC  focus on  Africa  interview on  July  10, 2015,  the  very  thought  of  a  notorious  President  assurance  on  his successful  pursuit of transparency,  was  not  only  mind  bothering, but  his  illusive  excuses  for  the  Ebola  infestation  was  discusting.  My  concern  is  about  the  interview  itself: was it  a  self crafted  speech, or  one  prepared  by  his  speech  writer.  What  bothered me  were  his  persona  and his characterization of  the   events, and  they  were  so  boring  that  his  Focus  on  Africa  host,  constantly  reminded  the  President  that  his  time  was  running   out.  At  that  very  moment, when  it's said  and  done, this  is  my  feedback and  I  have this  for  the  President:  Firstly, I was  ashamed  to  have  my  wife's  townsmate  as  the  President  of  Sierra  Leone. Secondly,  It's time  for  this  President  to  appoint  a  caretaker  Trusteeship from  a  body  of  astute, and  non- trabally  based  Sierra  Leoneans  to  run  this  country.  The  damage  to  his  reputation  is  irreperable.  I welcome  your  comment.


Watch out  for  my  next  Facebook  article.


(1) How identical  are  the  Euro-Zone, Greece  austerity  package  and  the  IMF, 1979  Sierra  Leone  devaluation?

(2) The  case  for  a  revaluation  of Sierra  Leone's  local  currency,  the  Leone, is  this  call  an  absurdity  and  absolute  stupidity?











Willie Faulkner. A visit to my 92 year old Icon and mentor.

Willie  Faulkner,  on  a  momentous   pilgrimage  to  an  Icon,  and  my    Mentor,  Mama  Christian  Cole of  Waterloo,  now  residing  in  New  York.   How  great  thou  art, " Mama  Cole."  In  memory  of the anniversary of  her   husband,  the  late Christian  Cole  senior,  my  colleagues  and  I  will  join  you   sometime  in  May, 2015,  to  honor  this occation.   Dear  Lord,  we  pray  that  you  will  continue  to  bless  and  strengthen  her  always.  Bless  our  country,  Sierra  Leone, and  all  those  "that    dwelleth"  within  it also.  

Willie  Faulkner  ---  Facebook,  on  SOCIAL  MEDIA  FORUM. 










My  pilgrimage  to  one  of  Waterloo's  Icons,  the  widow  of  a  formidable  personality, the  late  Christian  Cole  senior,  and former  Director, Extra  mural  studies, University  of  Sierra  Leone  was a  successful  one.  I  must assure  all  Waterlooneans,   that  at  age  92,  our    mentor,  Mama Cole  is  not  only   strong,  but  she  is  as  fit  as  a  fiddle. 

To Abdul G, Alieu, Mariam, Ahmed, Vincent  and  others,  I  am  overwhelmed  by your statements;  I  found  them fantastic,  fascinating,  and    most  interesting  was  this statement,  and  I  quote,  " Our  native  land  still  needs  you  to  put  hands  on  deck  to  build  the  fabrics of  Mama   salone, and   living  out  there  is  really  not  helping  us." Indeed, I am  touched  and  grateful.   Sufficed  it  to  say,  that  the  battle  for  the  salvation  of Sierra  Leone  has  begun,  and  the   epicenter  of  this  battle is  not  within,  but  outside  and  we  will  not  fail  you.





Willie  Faulkner  on the Ted  Robert  theme,  Reflection.



On  Social Media  Forum,  Sierra  Leone's Redemption.



My Response.



My  reflection,  our   human  imperfections,  and  Sierra  Leone's  constitutional  crisis.



My  colleague Ted,  I  understand  your  frustration,  but  my question  to  you  is  what  should  we do?  As  humans,  we  have  our  imperfections, but  do  we  have  to  accommodate   these  imperfections,  or  do  we  have  to  defeat  our  conscience  to  address  them?  Certainly  not, and  whether  or  not  we  succumb  to  them  depends  on  man's  individual natural  endowment. It's  the  reality  of  life, and  one  classic  case  study  which  underlines   the  mystery  connected  with   the  ingenuity  of the  American  founding  fathers  may  prove  my  point.  As it  pertains  to  the  average American  citizen, it is  that   mystery  which   transcends  this  nation  founding  fathers   imperfections'  that  ensures    the  country's  alienable   rights   enshrined  in  the  U.S.  constitution;    "Freedom,  Justice  and  Happiness  for  all.'   In retrospect,  it  is suffice  to  say,  that  the  standards  by  which  these  basic  political doctrines  are  maintained  epitomize   America's   economic, political  and  social  greatness.

In  sierra  Leone, our  reflections  on  the  notion  of  human  imperfections  surround  us  all, and  typify the  psychology of  events  happening  in  the  Republics  of  Togo  and  Burundi,  and  very  soon,  these  events   will  be on  our  door  steps.  Sierra  Leone may  not be Togo  or  Burundi,  but  Sierra  Leone  itself,  the  remnant of  a  once    vanquished  colonial   Athens  of  West  Africa.  Meanwhile,  at  the  helm  of  what  can  become a disturbing  historical  political  catastrophe, are  the  remnants of  our  ancestral  judicial legacy,  the  five  Supreme  court  judges.   Their  parents we   know  very well, and to  us  they  still  remain  the symbol   of  our  country's  judicial  patrotism,  and  yet   their  succeeding  dynasty  or offsprings, hunted  by  the burden,  or   the vestiges  of  repression,  may      succum  their  independence  to  "His Masters  will."  In otherwords, the  Ernest  Koroma's  sitting  regime  is  the  worst  in  our  nation's  history,  and  it is  set to  provoke  a  dangerous  discussion  on  the  sanctity  of  the  Sierra  Leone's  constitution.  We  will  not  stand  idly  by  and  allow  our  noble  judicial  institution to  become  a pawn,  or   a  tool  for  the  dismantling  of  our  traditional values, our  fundamental civil  liberties,   and  our  democratic  principles, and  therefore,  to  this  end I  must  warn,  that circumventing   the  country's  constitution,    subverting  our   judicial  system,  and  the   advocate   of   an  improvised  third  presidential  term   by  a group  of  disguised  oligarchic  idiots,  will  not  be tolerated by  Sierra  Leoneans  within  and  outside  the  country.   For  posterity  sake, and for  the  laxity, or  freedom  we  enjoy  where  ever  we  may  reside,  let  us  not  stand idly  by  and  ponder  on  these  events.  It  is  a  noble  cause   and  the  five  judges,   among  them  my once  ad hoc  student, must  take  heed  on   this humble  call.   Within  the  next  forthnight, or  hereafter,  unless the five  Judges  decision  on  the  Sam  Sumana  constitutional  crisis  is  forthcoming,    my  face  book  article  on  the  incompetence,  and  impotence  of  the  country's  Supreme  court  will  be  imminent.  

Let  us  be  reminded that  in  Sierra  Leone , the  traces  of  our   historical  slave  trade  relics  have  been  vandalized,  and  completely  demolished,  and   it  happened  in  desperation,  and  condoned  by  the  sitting  regime  during  the  notorious  land  grabbing  episodes.   In  Ghana,  Senegal  and  the  Ivory  coast,  these   historical  relics  are  intact, maintained  and   sustained  for  the  benefit  of  their  respective  tourist  industries.   Therefore, my   analysis  on the  reflection  of  our  imperfections  are  worthy  of notice.  


Willie  Faulkner.


A formal occasion, my wife and I.
My Office.
1984, section Head, Reserve Management, Bank Of Sa Leone.
Mrs Muna Faulkner.
At the Dynamic Achievers Awards. A recipient. 2015.







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My  response  to  Jossef  Findlay  and  Christian  During  post. dated April, 27, 2015.



Ernest  Koroma  third  term presidential  office  aspirations.



Firstly,I wish  to  commend  the  DYNAMIC  ACHIEVERS AWARD  COMMITTEE,   Philadelphia,   Pennsylvania, for  such  a  fantastic and  memorable  occasion,  and  certainly  indeed, only  in  the  United  States, do  we  witness  such  an  auspicious  occasion  with  no  strings attached.


I am recuperating from  my  ill health  and  yet,  have  the  audacity  to  defy  all  the  medical  minds,  and  my  counselors  to  address  the  fears  of  my  colleagues,  Jossef  Findlay  and  Christian  During. Their  concerns  are  valid,  and  relate  to  a  rumour  that  the  sitting  president,  Ernest  Koroma  and  his regime,  may  circumvent  the  country's  constitution  to  secure an  unlawful  third  term  in  office.   For  posterity  sake,  It  must  be  our  concern, and  the  concern  of  the  country's  supreme court  judges  also. In   Sierra  Leone,  an  event  of  this  political  magnitude  should  be  impossible,  but  with  a caveat. As  the  entire  world  watches,  the  caveat  on  national sovereignty  stands  to  embolden  the  undemocratic aspirations of  some of  the   emerging  African  nations  political  leaders,  and  among  the  most  recent  cases  are  the  Togo,  and  Burundi  political  events  involving the  circumventing  of  these  respective  country's  constitutions  to  sustain a  third  term presidential administration. As  we  all  stand  idly  by, National  sovereignty  as  a  political  weapon in  both  incidents,  was utilized  to  repress  the  citizens  basic  civil  rights,  and  destabilize  the  legitimacy  of  these  nation's   democratic  institutions. As  a  realist, my  colleagues, or   critics  may  disagree with my  predictions, but  recent  events  have  proved  me  right. It  is  a  fact, that  the  vestiges  of  the  Ebola  epidemic, the  mounting  wave  of  corruption, our  country's  disunity, national  discontent,  and  the   country's  stagnant  economy,  are so  recurring  and irreparable,  that  any  attempt  at  circumventing  the  Sierra  Leone's  constitution for  political   gains  will  be  wishful  thinking. Sierra  Leone  from  an  historical  perspective,  is  a  unique  country,  peaceful  and  God  fearing,  and  by  itself,  can withstand  the debilitating  tides  of  any  repressive  manipulations. In otherwords, the  president,  and  his  regime  tarnished  reputation is irreparable.


Finally, Sierra  Leone  has  reached the  perimeter  of  a  decaying  economy, but  more  troubling is  the  fact  that  they  persist  because  the  enemies  of  our  nation  state, are  neither  the  outsiders, nor  the  foreign  nations,  but  our  very  selves.  Within  ourselves,   the     elements  of  imperfections , or  our  misconceptions are   typified by  greed,  selfishness, and  the  insanity of  power  grabbing  at  any  cost,  and  casting  blames  to  address these  problems is  irrelevant. As a matter  of  urgency,  only  the  enactment  of  legislative  reforms with  entrenched  clauses  will   solidify  our  democratic institutions  against despotism, or the  dictatorship  of  an  oligarchic  regime.  Let  us  not  forget  also,  the  philosophies of  the  nations  two dominant  political  parties,  the  A.P.C. and  the S.L.P.P. They  are  similar  with  political  vices  that  are  basically  regional, and  not  nationalistic. Vices like, " NAR WE YONE TEM  DON KAM  FOR  EAT" and  " WE SHALL DIE  IN  PARLIAMENT." These  are   the common  political  adages, or  rituals that  are  troubling, and  what  makes  them  so  disgusting  is  that  these  political  manipulations  are  levied at  the  expense  of  the  other  minority  ethnic  groups.  In  fact,  the  circumstances  surrounding  the  dethronement  of  the  vice  president, SAM  SUMANA, should  not  have  come  as  a  surprise  to  us  all.




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 Sierra  Leone's  redemption.  March  23, 2015.






The  Sierra  Leone's Constitution, and  my  interpretation.


The  power  of an  executive  president,  and  the  vice  president  according  to  the  constitution,  is  legitimized  by  the  outcome  of  a  presidential  election,  and  the  pleasure  of  a  specified  majority  electoral  vote. Hereafter, any  circumstance  that  warrants  the  dismissal  of  the  vice  president,  is  the  prerogative  of  a  people's  legislature,  and  not  that  of  the  president  himself.  Plain  and  simple,  that's  the  basic  constitutional  guideline  and  as  citizens,  we  must  refrain  from  our  doubts  and  face  the  reality. Therefore,  the  dismissal  of  Sam  Sumana, the  former  vice  president  was  unconstitutional,  but  any  injunction  to  the  contrary  to  reassert  the  rule  of  law,  will  be  wishful  thinking and   a  waste  of  financial  resources. The  independence  of  the  Country's  judiciary  is  being  subverted,  and  as  the  entire  world  watches, addressing  such  an  injustice  can  impose an  exceptional  burden  on  the  5  judges  of  the  country's Supreme  Court,  and  threaten  their  very  livelihood,  their  job  security  and  family  stability.  I blame  not  the  judges, but  ourselves  for the  hypocrisy,  and  that's  the  price  we  have  to  pay  for  being  so  submissive to  the  manipulations  of  a  divisive  disguised  oligarchy.

Dr. Abdulai  Conteh's  legal  opinion  was  perfect,  but  from  a  layman's  point  of  view  challenging. 80% of  our  citizens  are illiterate, and  for  them  the  interpretations  of  sections 41, 42 or 50  are  foreign.  Please  don't  get  me  wrong.  I am  not  disassociating  myself  from  the  legal  conviction  of  one of  my  closest,  boyhood  days  buddies,  In  fact,  my  recent  publication, " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development," is  in  dedication  to  my  late  professor,  Dr.  N.A.W. Cox- George,  and  my  buddy, Dr.  Abdulai  Conteh.




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 The  Sierra  Leone's  Redemption.


 A.P.C.  and  the  Hegemony  of  Northern  Leadership. 


The  Big  Deception;  Ernest  Koroma  Versus  Sam  Sumana.


I have  kept  a  low  profile  until  now,  as  sequences  of  unfolding  events  in  Sierra  Leone,  continue  to  overshadow  the  miseries  of  our  fellow  citizens,  and  I  must  admit,  that  no  longer  do  I  want  to  burden  my  conscience,  and  in  defence  of  my  home  land,  I  want  the  entire  world  to  know  that  Sierra  Leone,  is  the  apocalypse for the  non  preservation of   civil  liberties.  On  the  legitimacy  of  the  country's  two  dominant  political  parties, the  A.P.C.  and the S.L.P.P. I  hate  the   hypocrisy, and        .   some  of  my  colleagues  may be missing  the salient  point.  My   question  to  them is, how  nationalistic   are  the  Country's two  dominant  political  parties? Do we see  them  as  regionalistic, or  nationalistic  in  their  respective  pursuits, or  determination  of  the nation's  economic,  social  and  political  policies?  In  fact,  what  we  are  witnessing  is  not  a  political  duel  between  the  president  and  his  former  vice  president,  but  within  the  echelon  of  the  A.P.C.  party,  in  anticipation  of  the  nation's  2017   presidential  elections,  it  is  the  constant  struggle  to  improvise, or  create  and  sustain  the  hegemony  of  a  northern  style  leadership. This  practice  is  habitual,  and  consistent  with  the  political  philosophies  of  the  nation's  two  dominant  political  parties. These    acts  of  regional  discrimination  are  notorious,  and persist at  the  expense  of  the  other  minority  ethnic  groups. We  must  be  reminded,  that  the  former  vice  president,  Sam  Sumana,  is  from  one  of  the  eastern  provincial  tribes,  the  Konos. On  the  other  side  of  the  political  spectrum,  the  S.L.P.P.  and  it's  central  selection  committee  are  not  different  from  their  rival.   I  reiterate, in  terms  of  national  policies, there is  no  difference, and  with  the  emergence  of  a  variety  of  formidable  northern  born  breed  presidential  candidates,  with  historically  parental   lineages, I envisage that  the  S.L.P.P.  leadership  is  in  for  a  rude  awakening. I  know the  parents  of  at  least, two  of  the  prospective 2017  presidential  candidates, and  their  goal  is  for  the  presidency   and  nothing  else.  The  policy  of  the party's  echelon is  absolute  southernism,  but   they  must  be  very  careful. Should  they  persist,  it  may  even cost  them  the  2017  presidential  elections,  if  an  already  "mind made up  " selection   committee  remains  obliged  to  sustain  the  status  quo  of  southernism.

In  retrospect, we  are  witnessing  the  reality  of a political  exclusion  that  is  absolutely  ethnic, and  a political  philosophy  that  is  consistent  with  the  nations  two  dominant  political  parties.  My  recent  face  book  article on  Sierra  Leone's  "marginalized  bureaucracy," is  self  explanatory,  and  regardless  of  the  aftermath  of  a  galvanized  national  upheaval,  the  echelon  of  the  APC   party  wants  Sam  Sumana  out, and to  support this  goal  the  dominance of a  northen backed police  and  military  forces are  in  place  to  sustain  it's  goal at  any  cost,   the  hegemony  of  a  northern  dominated  leadership.  My  concern   is  that  the  vices  for  a  nation  wide political  repression   have  begun,  and  the  environment  and events will be manipulative,  dangerous  and  not  conducive for  a  nation  wide  peaceful  public  demonstration. My  concern  is  that any peaceful  public   demonstration can become  a political  trap  set  up  by  the  sitting  regime  to  falsely  claim  the  suppression  of an insurrection,  and  to avoid  the  loss  of  innocent   lives, I am  strongly  against any  form  of  popular  public  demonstration. It is  with  us  abroad  to demonstrate,  that  the " pen is  mightier  than  the  sword,"  Finally,

 I  pity  neither  the  president, nor  his  vice  president  because as  prime    collaborators,  and in  consonant  with a  world wide   labelled  corrupt  APC administration,  they  have  brought  untold  calamity  to  a  once  tiny,  but  formidable  West  African  nation. At  this  moment, our  fellow  citizens  in  Sierra  Leone, are  the  victims of  extreme  poverty, repressed  illiteracy, and  the  living  remains  of  a  nation  wide  Ebola  epidemic,  and  yet,   the  nation's  head  of  state,  his  vice  president,  and  the  echelon  of  the  APC  administration, have  created  and  sustain  a  paradise  of  ostentatious  extremism that  is dispicable. To  them  their  new  acquisitions of  super normal  wealth, are  the  signs  of  Sierra  Leone's  development, but for  us  all,  Just  the  audacity  by  the  president,  and  his  former  vice  president  to  sustain  within  few  years,  a  combination  of extravagant, multi- million  dollars    residential  palaces  in  Freetown,  and  not  just  one,  or  two, and  not  even  four  collectively  is  inhuman. In  the  midst  of  these  affluences, or  sophistications,   their  fellow  citizens  are  left  to  rot  in  perpetual  poverty.  The good  Lord, or Allah  awaits  them  in  purgatory.  This  is  a  crime  against  humanity, and  my  new  publication  calls it "Disguised  genocide. 







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                                         THE  INDICTMENT,  YOUR  CASE.


                                        The  State,  Citizens  OF  Sierra  Leone





                                              The  A.P.C. Administration.


This  is  the  formal  representation  of  a proposed  indictment,  and  it  is  being  spear-headed by  a  written  publication  titled,  " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development,"  and  subtitled,  " Is  Sierra  Leone  underdeveloped  or  in  transition?"  It is  written by  an  indigenous  Sierra leone  native, and  for  the  purpose  of Development Economics,  it  analyzes  the  Author's  application  of  the  mechanics  of  economics  to  unravel  the  intricate  process  of  underdevelopment.  The  indictment  is  on  behalf  of  the  citizens  of  Sierra  Leone,  and  we  want  every  Sierra  Leonean  to  be   rest  assured,  that  as  long  as  the  intrusion  of  this  Ebola  virus, or it's aftermath  persists,   this publication,   as  an epicenter  for  the  country's   agony   will    demonstrate  to  the  entire  world,  that the  injustices,  and    adversities  of  the  people  of  Sierra  Leone  cannot  be overlooked. 


With  great  pride, and  with  my  moment  of  resounding  satisfaction, I am  privileged  to  notify   the  World  wide  governments  of   planet  earth,  and  their  respective  donor  institutions, that  the perpetration  of  greed,  and  plunder  by  the   Sierra  Leone's   sitting  administration  have  caused   the  gradual  demise  of  a  tiny  but  once  former   formidable  British   colonial nation.  In  retrospect,  this  book  in  it's  entirety,  stands   to  revive  the  pride  of  every  Sierra  Leone  citizen in  particular,  and  those  of  the  emerging  nations  of  Africa  in  general.  Unfortunately  and  coincidentally, as  we  review and  welcome this  Indictment, the  citizens of  Sierra  Leone,  and  the  country  itself as  a  whole,  are  coping  with  the  vetiges  of a strange  phenomenon,  called  the  Ebola  virus,  a  mysterious  plague  that  continues  to  destroy  the  sanctity  of our  country. The  imaginations,  the  mysteries,  and   innuendos  surrounding  this  phenomenon  are  inconceivable,  and the  citizens  within  it, riddled  by  their   survival  instincts   occasioned  by  their   adverse  economic  hardship,  have created  a  situation  that   continues  to  impede  the integrity  and  economic  growth  of  this  God  fearing  nation.     


 As all  Sierra  Leoneans  unite  to  condemn  the  usurpation  of  the  country's  ability  to  survive  with  dignity,  and  the  denial  of their   fundamental  liberties, " Understanding Sierra  Leone's Development," stands  at  the  epicenter  for   the  nations  agony  to  fight  for  them. Added  to  these  grievances  are  our  citizens  bitterness  against  tribal  discrimination,  and   the  life  of  worthlessness  emanating  from  the untold   human  sufferings imposed  by  the  symptoms  of  illiteracy  and  poverty.  These  charges  plain  and  simple,  are  the  symptoms of  a  disguised  remote  genocide,  and  according  to  my  publication,  they are   consistent  with  crimes  against  humanity. Furthermore, the   extent  of  this sitting  administration's  rampant  tribal,  and  regional  discrimination is  despecable. In  a  nut  shell  therefore,  Sierra  Leone is  a  beleaguered  nation and transcending  our  imaginations,  are  the  citizens  claims   of  waste  and  mismanagement,  planned  unlawful  detentions  and  prosecutions,  and the  non  recognition  of  the  country's  fundamental  rights,  supervised  and abatted  by  the  country's  police  machinery.  Added  to  these  vicious  crimes  are  the  grabbing of  legally  owned  private,  and  government  lands  for  their  own  personal  use,   the  practice  of  systematic  corruption  without  mercy, and   our  political  leaders    exceptionally  flamboyant  lifestyles.  These  crimes  are  at  the  expense  of  our    average  citizens   who  cannot  even  determine  the  source  of  their  next  day's  meals.  These  are just  an iota  of  the  challenging  events  our  country,  and  it's  people  can  no  longer  endue,  and  the  fight  has  begun  to  set  this  nation's  house  in  order.  The  citizens  of  Sierra  Leone,  with  the  support  of  our  friends  from  the  international  community   demand with  immediate  effect,  the   institution  of  a  variety  of  commission of  inquiries.  The  terms  and  sessions  among  other  deliberations,  will  include  the  investigation, confiscation  and  retrieval of  what  has  been  unlawfully  acquired  from  the  people they  govern, and  the  recoveries  must   be   returned  to  the  state  for  the  people  of  Sierra  Leone.    

These  charges  are  ripe  for  the  determination  of  a  commission  of  inquiry,  but  with  the  support  of  the  international  community,  whether  such  an  ad hoc  setting is  possible, or can  be  successful   will  depend  on  a  new  interpretation  of  national  sovereignty.  This  is  a  nation  that  has  lost  it's  credibility,  and  Sierra  Leone  deserves  more  than  that. The  mystery  or  implication  surrounding  the  miscalculation of  the deadly Ebola  plague   is  another  issue worthy  of  notice, and   in  our  moment  of  constant   prayers, let  us  crave  the  indulgence  of  our  Lord, or Allah to renew  our  strength to  overcome the  economic, social  and  political adversities.  This  is  a  universal  indictment  of  the  Ernest  Koroma's  All Peoples  Congress  sitting  administration,  and  your  comment,  or  reservation  on  it's  legitimacy  will  be  appreciated.




THE  NEW  PUBLICATION, . " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development.



The  Fulfilment  of  my prediction.  In  this  publication, I  predicted that  the  country's  newly  constructed  motor  road,  connecting  the  Grafting/ Orogu  highway  to--  Freetown, through Regent, or the   Wilkinson  road,  through  Spur  road was  the  recipe  for  a  desaster  waiting  to  happen,  and  we  have  witnessed  the  antecedent. The recent  major  tragic  accident at  the  Spur,  and  Wilkinson  roads  crossing  confirms  my  fear,  and  my  next  question is,  did  the  newly  completed road  projects  resolve  the  city's  traffic  congestion  and  delay?   Certanly  NO. To  my skeptics,  I  hope  this   accident was  just  a  coincidence.  My  recommendation  has  called  for  a  ten  year,  50  miles  motor  highway  with  a  turnpike,  along  the  city's   western  coastal  suburban   seaboard.  Along  the  seaboard  corridor,  it  will  extend  from  Waterloo,  through  Kissy  dockyard, along  the  seaboard  to  Dovecot,  King  Jimmy,  Kingtom, Aberdeen  to  Goddrich. A  project  of  this  dimension  when  completed,  could  create  new  settlements, new  business  centers, new  jobs, and   limit  the  acquisition of  private  lands  and  properties.   The  added  multi- infra-structures will  be consistent  with the location  of  the  country's  new  hotel.   The  president  need  not  retain  his  office  till  the  completion  of  his  projects,  but  a  good  leader's  record  remain  intact  for  his  successors  to  emulate. Thats  development  and  the  recipe  for  economic  growth.  








                                          ON  SOCIAL  MEDIA  FORUM



                                       Willie  Faulkner  --  Isaac  John  Conteh '



                         Thro.  supporting  venue,  A.P.C. Vesrsus  S.L.P.P. debate.



Your  Question. "Have  they made  any  development  in  our  beloved  country, if YES,


what  is  the  proof?



Thanks  Isaac  John  Conteh  for  your  question,  and  my  answer  will  be  precise.  One  simple  approach  to  your  question  is  to  list  out  the  development  yardsticks, but  to  others,  it  may  not  be  as  convincing  and  for  this  reason, my   only  option  will  be  the  class  room  approach.

In  Sierra  Leone,  the  word Development  is  grossly  misunderstood, and  the  misconception  surrounding it  circumvent  the  reality  to  call  for  the  extension  of  the   presidential  term  of  office.  The  call  by the  faithfuls,  is  to  ensure that  the  sitting  regime's  ongoing  projects  are  not  shortlived,  and  among  these  projects  are  the  Grafton/ Wilkinson road  constructions, the  resuscitation  of  the  Iron  ore

mines, solar  energy  for  an  eastern province village,  and  the  fleet  of  expensive  cars  parading  the  streets  of  Freetown.  These  presumptions  are  false,  and  the  Krio  version of  "Patch  Wok"  development  projects  are  not  consistent  with  authentic   economic  growth.

My  first  approach is  the  analyzing of  your  question  on  development, and  by  relating  it  to  the  concept  of  underdevelopment,  and  it's  characterizations,  the  scope  of  our  findings  will  dertermine  the  answers  to  your  question.   In  a  given environment,  at  a  given  time,  there  is  the  presumption  for  our  country's   economic predicament, and  this  is  it;  In  an  economy, at  a  given  time,  when  that  economy's  available  resources  cannot  be  utilized  to  it's  full  economic  potentials, and  there  is  a    shortfall, the  extent of  that  shortfall  determines  whether  or  not,  that  economy  is  underdeveloped,  developing,  moving  toward  a  developed,  or  a  developed economy.  Sierra  Leone's  economy  is  underdeveloped,  and  what  are  the  shortfalls?   These  are  the  impacts,   and  they  are relevant  to  your  question;   a dilapidated  land  tenure  system,  limited  access  to  education,  rising  illeteracy  and  poverty  rates, limited  access  to  medical  facilities,  scarce  job  opportunities  and  mass  unemployment, demoralized  urbanization,  inadquate  sanitation and  ineffective  public  health  system, short  life  expectancy,  widening  gap  between  the  rich  and  poor, lack  of  food,  water supply  and  energy,  persistent  rising  inflation,  an  unfavorable  balance  of  payment, and  the  disproportionate   value  of  the  local  currency,  the  Leone.  Just  answer  YES,  or  NO  to  these  listed  characterizations,  and If  they  are  not  the  yardsticks  to  determine  development,  then  we  all  are  laboring  under  an  illusion.


Mr, Isaac  John  Conteh,  Sierra  Leone  is  underdeveloped,  and  very  poor  with  insignificant development  initiatives,  and  that's  your  answer.





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Enterprise of Faulkner and Muna, EF&M, introduces my  premier publication, "UNDERSTANDING SIERRA LEONE'S  DEVELOPMENT," by Willie. B. Faulkner, a   Sierra Leonean  born author  with  an  explosive,  fascinating  and revealing book  that  visualises  development economics at it`s best. As a component of the U.S. library exhibits with a coded   # 2013923461, there will be  dispatches  to  other African countries like World  Bank,  IMF, and  Secretariat of the Organization of African states. It has won  the sponsorship  of a  leading  U.S. based   publishing company  Xlibris,  from  were it will  accommodate  world wide media reviews. Classified as follows; (a) ISBN, paper back,  978-4931-5858, US$ 20.99, (b) hard cover,  978-1-499-5859-1, US$29.99,  e-book, 978--1- 4931-5860-7, US$3.99,  it was formally  launched on August  19, 2014, by  the  Xlibris  publishers, and is already at all major book stores welcomed quarterly by over 4,500 reviewers  worldwide.   Grab, and   buy one,  and  become  a  participant  to  Sierra  Leone's ongoing  developmental   debate.




Willie  Faulkner  ---  Mohamed  Sheriff,  on  SIERRA  LEONE`S  REDEMPTION.,


A Social  Media  Forum.  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Mr. Sheriff's  question  is  valid   and  worthy  of  attention,  and  to  epitomize  his version please  permit  me  to  rephrase   his  question,  and  it  states;  " the  non  recognition  or  exclusion  of  Sierra Leone  two  surviving  military  heads  of  state,  Juxon- Smith  and  Valentine  Strasser from   the  presidential  award  list,  are  their   exclusions  the  product  of  tribal  discrimination?"  The  answer  to  your  question  should  have  been  the  task  of  our African historians,  but  our  beloved  Sierra  Leone  is  so  polarized  by  trabalism,  that  to  address  it   brings  great  discomfort  to   defeats  our  intelligence.  Mr. Sheriff's  question  is  relevant   with  no  tribal  implication, and  for  posterity sake I  am  obliged  to  address  it.  Mr. Sheriff, my  answer  is  NO,  but  should it not be the  product  of  tribalism  then  why, or  what  is  it? 

I will  commence  by  claiming  that  by  birth, I am  a  Sierra  Leone  Creole  from  the  suburban  township  of  Waterloo.  From  an  historical  perspective, involving my  ancestral parents,  and  inclusive  my  late  dad  and  mom, their  intertribal  entanglements were  such  as  to  dispel  the  myth  that  Sierra  Leone's  Creoles  are  some  kind  of  breeds  from  an  extraterrestral  planet. It's a  fallacy,  and  we  are  fully, and  deeply  rooted  Sierra  Leoneans. MY countryman   so  be  it.


Firstly, let  me  establish  the  constitutional  groundwork  that  defines  our  status,  and  role of   Sierra  Leone's  executive  president. He  serves  as  a  two  term  head of  state,  and  is  elected at  the  pleasure  of  a  prescribed  electoral  majority. His  office ends  at  the  expiration  of  a  two  term  constitutionally  presidential  commitments, and  the  totality  of  his  status and  role  are  enshrined  in  the  country's  constitution. Therefore,  regardless  of  whether  or  not  part  of  his  status  is  entrenched  in  the  constitution,  there is  nothing  that  dictates  his  removal by   a national  referendum, or  by  military  intervention.  Any  infringement  therefore, against  the  dictates  of  the  country's   constitution  is  illegal,  and  constitutes  a  crime  to  be  determined  by an  adjudication.  Within  this  constitutional  framework  lies  the  reason   for  the  exclusion  of  the  two  former  Creole  military  leaders,   and  heads  of  state,  Juxon  Smith   and  Valentine  Strasser,  from  all  honors   specifically   created for   Sierra Leone's  former  heads  of  state.  The  reason is  constitutional,  and  not  the  product  of  tribalism. To  condone a  military  intervention  is  illegal  because  it   sets  a  bad  and  dangerous  precedence. The  ongoing  Gambia's political  episode is  no  exception,  and  in  a  disguised  military  regime,  when  once  they  are  in  control, they  strive  to  sustain  it  by  circumventing  the  country's  constitution to  grab  on  to  power.  That's what  makes  the  Juxon- Smith/ Strasser  exclusion  more credible.   Mr. Mohamed  Sheriff,  that  is  your  answer  and  thanks  for  bringing  it  up  for  the  attention  of  our  younger  generation, and  I am  obliged. 






(1)    A  PREAMBLE.






As  I  have predicted on  many  occasions,  the  Ebola  crisis  will  be  ending  soon ,  and  my  prediction  is   that  this epidemic   will  evaporate   by  March  ending,   or  the  latest,  by  the  middle  of  April,  2015'  but   how   uncertain    the  aftermaths  may  be   only God  knows.   What  transpires   before  and  after the  Ebola  outbreak,  and  how  difficult  it  will  be    to  avert  the  threat  of  a  looming  economic collapse  are  the  issues  the  forum  platform  will  be  addressing.  Our  expectation  is  that  Sierra  Leoneans  and  friends  of  Sierra  Leone,  at  home  and  abroad,   will address  what  is  wrong  with  our  country,   and  what  must  be  pursued to  bring  sanity  to  a  beleaguered  nation  state.   In  anticipation  of  this   media  event,   a  series  of  articles on   the  country's  development  problems,  will  review    the   causes and  course   of Sierra  Leone's   waning economy.  No  one  needs  to  be  an  expert,  a scholar,  or  a technocrat   in the  art  of  Development  Economics  to  either  agree  or  disagree,   because   the  contents  of  the  articles    are  precise,  and simple  for  even   a  stranger  to   comprehend.  Please  review  these  articles,  and  we  all  will  be  loaded  for  the  forth  coming  media   event,  and  it  does  not  matter  whether  we  agree or  disagree.  Please  join  us  for  posterity.






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The  policies of   Sierra  Leone's sitting Administration  are  misguided   and  divisive,  and  during  the  era  of  the  twentieth   century,  in  spite  of  the  country's  abundant  wealth of  natural,  and  human  resources,  the entire  country  is  in  the  midst  of  a  protracted  economic  stagnation.  The  country's  revealing  predicaments,  as  a  result  of  this  administration's  pomposity   and  gross  misjudgement,  are  so  unpredictable  that  what is  at  stake,  what  determines  it,  and  what  has  to  be  accomplish  to  avert  an  impending  economic  catastrophe,  become the  troubling  legacies  our  younger  generation,  and  their  successors  will  have  to  contend  with,  and  "these   are  some  of  the  issues  the   forum   will  be  addressing.  Furthermore,   surrounding  these  barrage  of contentious   issues   are  the  impotence  and  strategies  of  transparency,  the  realization  of  draconian  enacted  reforms  against  the  practice  of  systematic  corruptions,  and this   forum   will attempt  to  review  therm  also.  What  will  be  even  fascinating, is  the  role  of  an  executive  president  before,  and  after the  sequences   of  the   improvised   legislative  enacted  reforms,  and  one  possible  question  is,    should  the  president  become  an  obstacle  to  these    enacted reforms, can  we  as  Sierra  Leoneans   accommodate   the  president, if  on   his  own  free  will,  he condescends  to  take  leave  of  his  executive  office    to  serve  as  a " Lamed  Duck  president."   To  address  these  challenges,  the  forum  will  review  the  following  obstacles  and  constraints; 


Firstly, the  role  of  an  executive  president , during  the  procedural  formulation of   new   reforms  leading  to  the  country's  next  presidential  elections,  secondly,  what  should  the  role  of  a  reluctant  anti- reforms  president be? Thirdly,  can  a  national  outcry of  this  magnitude,  convince   the  president  to  excuse  himself  of  his  executive  assignments, and  serve  as  a  "Lamed  Duck  president' ?   Fourthly, can an  improvised Ad-hoc  presidential  relief  commission, pending  the  outcome  of  the  next  presidential  elections,  be  the  ultimate   prescription  for  averting an economic  catastrophe,  and fifthly, with  the  dawn,  and  rise  of  Sierra  Leone's  feminism,  can  the  archaic  mentality of  traditional,  fundamentalism, deter  the  ascendancy  of  Sierra  Leone's  first  woman's  president?  In  other  words,  If  there  is  an  anti-  feminism  campaign  during  the   next  presidential  elections,   can   the  nation  as  a  whole  be  comfortable  with  the  electino     of  a  female  head  of  state?   Finally,  the  forum  will  review   our   inprovised  policy  programs,  that  may  be  relevant   for  averting  Sierra  Leone's  economic  collapse.  Welcome  to  Sierra  Leone's  first  international social  media  forum,  and  please  join  us  for  posterity  sake.   


The agony of Sierra  Leoneans and  the  questions it poses.  



With  the  threat  of  a  possible    economic  collapse,  how  appropriate or  inappropriate  is it,  should there  be a  national  outcry  against  the  president  Ernest B Koroma, to  recuse   himself   from  all  constitutional assignments  to   serve as a  "Lame duck president,"   pending  the  outcome  of  the  country's  next  presidential  and  national  elections?


Can  a  national  cry  of  this  magnitude  be  the  only  prescription  for  the  salvation  of  our  beleaguered  nation  state?  Can  an  improvised   ad-hoc  presidential  relief  commission  be  the  ultimate  alternative,  pending  the  outcome  of  the  country's  next  presidential  elections?  With  the  dawn  and  rise  of  our country,s   feminism  can  the archaic  mentality  of   religious  fundamentalism  in  Sierra  Leone   deter  the possible ascendancy  of  Sierra Leone's  first   female  head of  state?  In  other  words, with  the  possible  threat of  national  discontent,  or  anarchy,  should  Sierra  Leone  welcome  it's  first  female  head  of  state?   To  the  echelon  of  Sierra  Leone's   fundamentalism, those  days  of  women  repression  are  gone,  so  back  off,  and  whole  heartedly   support   the  dynamism  of  our  female  counterparts. If  the  citizens  of  Liberia,  with  all  the  glamour of  male  supriority  can  produce  the  country's  first  female  president, why  not  Sierra  Leone? It  is  in  the  making,  and  what  we  the  males  have  fail  to  accomplish,  our  women  counterparts  will  surely  do.  Welcome  to  our  media  forum. These  articles  are  at anyone's  disposal,  and  your  statements,  comments  and  questions  on  the  relevance, or  irrelevance  of  our  forum  theme," The  Redemption  of  Sierra  Leone" will  be  appreciated.




My  colleagues  may  disagree, but  the  reality  is,  the Sierra  Leone's government  by  it's  display  of  incompetence,  negligence  and  clueless  conducts  during  the  course  of  the  Ebola  outbreak,  is  incapable  of  addressing  the  aftermaths  of  the  country's  post  Ebola era. This  is  Sierra  Leone's  central  problem,  and  it desrves our  attention , and  until it  is   resolved  the  threat  of   an  imminent  economic  collapse  cannot  be  ignored.

In  our  twenty  first  century, the  disturbing  events  Sierra  Leone  is  witnessing  transcend  our  imagination, but  these   aftermaths  are  not  just  the  making  of  the  ongoing  sitting  regime  headed  by  the  president, Ernest B Koroma.  The  aftermaths  also, epitomize  the  inadequacies  of   Sierra  Leone's  previous  successive   administrations,  but  what's  so   disturbing  is  the  multiplicity  and  magnitude  of  the  problems,  as  they  resurfaced  during  the  tenure  of  the  Ernest  Koroma's regime.  As  a  previous  senior  central  banking  personnel,  it  bothers  me,  and  from  my  perspective,  the  bad  news  for  this  sitting  regime   is  the  abnormality  of  the  country's  situation,  and  the  burden  that  accompanies  it  is  beginning  to  attract  the  attention  of  our  European,  American  and  Asian  donors.  For  our  kids,  and  some  irresponsible   Sierra  Leoneans  to  be  casting  blames  on  the  IMF,  and  the  World  Bank  for  the  country's   predicament  is  untimely,  dangerous  and  not  in  our  best  interest.  Suffice  it  to  say,  that I  have never  in  my  life  time  witnessed  the  manufacturing    of  our  nation's   calamity  of  such   proportion,  and  the  situation   was  necessitated  by  our  political  leaders  poor sense  of  judgement,  incompetence  caused  by  corruption,  illegal  land  grabbing,  subverting  the  independence  of  the  judiciary,  and  the  non  recognition  of  Sierra  Leone's  basic  civil  liberties.  Sadly  enough, we  are  to  be  reminded,  that  even  the  late  president  Momoh, with  only a  secondary  school  mentality , never  had  a  despicable  legacy  of  this  level,  and  certainly  also,  was  not  the  late  president,  Siaka  Stevens. Some one,  some how,  and  some  where  must  be  accountable,  but  until  the  perpetrators  are  brought  to  justice,  the  president  himselve   must  be  obliged  to  shoulder  the  responsibility,  and should  this  president  be  so  wise, my  recommendation  is  for  him  to   succumb to  our  media  forum's  representations    to  protect  his  legacy. 



The  marginalizing  of  the  Sierra  Leone's  bureaucratic  hierarchy  is  sustained  by  the  dogma  of  exclusion,  based on   tribal,  and  regional  Patterning, and  it's an habitual  practice   perpetuated  by  the  echelon  of  the  country's two  dominant  political  parties,  the  All  People  Congress,  APC,  and  the  Sierra  Leone's  People  Party,  SLPP.   This  practice of  exclusion,  at  the  expense  of  the  other  minority  ethnic  groups,  especially  of the  civil  service  administration,  and  the   quasi- government   institutions is  divisive,    breeds  national  discontent,  and  the  loss  of  the  nation's  finest  and  brightest  bureaucrats, a  description  that  came  to  be  known  as  the  country's  brain  drain. In  this  regard,  I  must  reiterate also,  that  Sierra  Leone's  human  resources  are  in  abundance,  and  yet,  their  non utilization is  being  called  to  question.  as  a  result  of  the   weaknesses  of  the  country's  two  dominant  political  parties. For  these  reasons, both  political  parties  are  the  problems,  and  not  the  solutions  to  the   Sierra  Leone's  predicament. They  are  non- nationalistic, and  liabilities  rather  than  assets  to  the  entire  nation. 


It  is  unfortunate,  that  those  we  seek  to  govern  our  nation  state  of  Sierra  Leone,  have  pursued  for  themselves,  the  abundance of  wealth  from  a  multiplicity  of  abnormal  goals  that eventually,  have  brought  Sierra  eone  to  the  brink  of  a  near  economic collapse. The  premise  of  these  goals, manipulative  as  it  seems, typifies a  variety of  deceptive  mechanisms  connected  with  greed.  In  other  words, our  political  leaders  as  examples,  have  survived  the  practice of  systematic  corruption  by  circumventing  the  phychic  of  a  substantially  illiterate  population,  and  given  the norms  of   Sierra  Leone's  traditional,  orientation,  for  these  crimes  to  go  unchallenged, the  concept  of  "Implied  consent,"  is  secured  by  the  practice  of  divide  and  rule,  through ethnic  and  regional  segregation. The  aftermath, whether it is  economic, social  or  political,  creates  within  the  system of  governance  itself, the  imposition  of  a  disguised type  of  oligarchy  that  fosters  the  mismanagement  of  the  country's  natural  resources, the  accumulation of  personal    property  and  financial wealth,  human  rights  violation,  press  censorship, and subverting  the  judiciary 's independence. Sierra  Leoneans  succumbed  to  these  tactful  manipulations  because  of  the  absence  of  stringent  strategies  of  transparency  and  accountability,  and  without  these  checks  and  balances,  the  impacts  from  these  dubious  practices  are  extreme  hardships nation  wide, extreme  poverty,  jobless  communities,  a  combination  of  diseases,  like  the  Ebola  and  cholera  viruses,  and  the  eventual  disruption  of  the  country's  economy.  Therefore, we  are  where  we  are  today,  because  of  these  characterizations,  and  my  greatest  fear,  or  concern, is that  my  home  land,  Sierra  Leone,  is  at  the  verge  of  a  post  Ebola economic  catastrophe,  a  calamity  no Sierra  Leonean  is  so  unpatriotic  to  ignore. It is  very  annoying  that  my  beloved  country,  Sierra  Leone,  and  it's  citizens,  beleaguered  as  they  exist,  and hopeless  and  totally  abandoned  by  the  entire  world, have lost  that  touch of integrity  and  dignity which  we  abroad  have  in  abundance.  The  government  of  Sierra  Leone  must be  called  to  question.





Sierra  Leone  is  a  blessed  nation,  with  the  abundance  of divers   gifts  consisting   of    spiitual,  human  and  natural  resources,   and  they  are   offered  to  us  by  our  good  almighty  Lord,  or  Allah.  These   gifts  in  the  form  of  our   natural  wealth, are  of  such  magnitude  that  when  properly  diversified  and  managed,  Sierra  Leone  does  not  need  to  borrow,   or  beg  for  financial  support  from  our  donor  nations,  world  wide.  Our  country,   a  former  tiny   British  West  African  colony,  and a  scholastic  education  giant,  no  longer  enjoys  this  entitlement,  and it's  description  as  the  Athens of  colonial  West  Africa  has  dissipated,  with  the  nation's   scholastic  heritage  lingering  in perpetual  oblivion. Sierra  Leone's  historical  institution of  higher  learning,  the  Fourah  bay  college,  was  the  Harvard,  Yale,  and  Oxford  of  colonial  era  West  Africa,  and  our  country's  role  as  a  scholastic  donor  for  the  educating, and  the    training  of  West  Africa's  leaderships  transcended  the  borders  of  West  Africa,  and  the  other   African  countries  like  the  Gambia,  Nigeria,  Ghana,   Somalia  and  others.  These  are  recorded facts,  and  not  only  Sierra  Leoneans,  from  the  South,  North,  East  and  Western   provinces,  or  nation  wide,   enjoyed  this  opportunity,  but  students  from  other  parts  of  Africa  did  also.  Today,  and  sadly,  our  national  legacy  of  the  country's  scholastic  accomplishments  has  been  relegated, and  exists at  the   dust  bin bottom.  Why  the  demise of  this  tiny   wonderful  nation?  "Tell  it  not  in     Gath, nor  in  the  streets  of Absalom. "  Blame  no  one  but  ourselves,  our  stupidity,  poor  sense  of  judgement,  our  pomposity,   hate  and  divisive,  and lack  of  fiscal  responsibility.

What  can  we  do  to restore our  country's  image,  and  integrity  to  the  outside  world?   In  the  long  run,  can  we  accomplish  such  a  supernormal goal  to  avert  a  looming  economic  collapse? If  you  ask  me,  my  answer  is  "yes we can."  There is  nothing  we cannot  do  if we  just  try. In  retrospect,    I  have  already  submitted  three  relevant   policy  goals  for  discussion,  and  the  remaining  will  follow  soon.  We  welcome   your  reactions  as  participants   to  the   media  forum .  (1)Redefining  the  concept  of  national  sovereignty  for  developmental  purposes,   to  create  a  "Code of  conduct,"  in  which  development   project  contracts  by  the  underdeveloping  nations,  can  be  determined  by  the  borrower's  par  capita  income. (2) the abrogating    of  the  second  phase,  Bumbuna  hydro  project  contract, worth  over  a  billion  dollars. Canada,  a  developed  nation  has  a   hydro  contract  for  almost   similar  value,  but  they  have  the  capacity  not  only  to  generate  the  funds  to  complete  it  at  a  very  low  cost, and  the  magnitude  of  the  hydro  project  corresponds  to  the  production  value  also.  In  Sierra  Leone  It  is  the  reverse. Unlike  the  first  phase,  hydro project,  with  both  private  and  government  investments,  and  costing   98  million  dollars,  the  phase  2  is  predominantly  private  capital,  with  no  guarantee  that   this  contract  and  others,  will  not  end  up  as   unsustainable  foreign  debts .  Plain  and  simple,  Sierra  Leone  cannot  afford  it, and   it may  become  the  subject  of  a  Vulture fund  acquisition.   (3)  A legislative  enactment  that  will  limit  the  country's  Central  bank  role  as  a  lender  of  last  resort.  The  objective   is  that   legislative  enactment  limiting  the  Central  bank  percentage  take  up  will  guide  against  rising  inflation  and  limit   persistent  government  interventions.   If  you  miss  this  part  of  my  presentation,  please visit my  web  site  on  face  book.   Proceed  to  your  own  face  site, then on  your  left  end  top,  click  Enterprise  of  Faulkner.  On  my  enterprise  page,  proceed  downward  and  click  on  enterprise/about us. 






(1)  Abrogating  the  Bumbuna, phase 2  hydro  project  contract. It's  overall  cost  is   over  a  billion  dollars,   and  Sierra  Leone,  by  the  dictates   of  behavioural  economics,  is  exceptionally  poor  to  accommodate  the  luxury  of  over  a  billion  dollar  contract,  not  in  this  world,  or  the  next  one. The  contract  lacks   public  investment  support,  and  the  entire  contract  is  tainted  with  the  devout  dictate  of  obstructive    capitalsm.  The  signs  of  an  unsustainable  foreing debts  are  all over  this  contract,  and  in  the  long  run,  Sierra  Leone  will  become  the  prime  prey   for  a  devoured  Vulture  fund,  and a case  in  point,  Denegal  International  V  the  Kenyan  government.


(2)  An   improvised  version of  an  IMF /World  Bank's  code  of  conduct,   that  will   redefine  the  concept  of  national  sovereignty   for  developmental  purposes. It  calls  for  the  creation  of  a code  of  conduct  between  Sierra  Leone,  and  the  IMF/IBRD,  and  the  objective  will be to    minimize   the  scope  of  Sierra  Leone's  foreign  debts. Foreign  debt   for  all  development  projects  undertaken  by  Sierra  Leone,   will  be  conditioned  by  the  scope  of  it's  par  capita  income,  and for the    shortfall  between  the  actual  loan  contract,  and  what  is  actually  approved,  the  IMF  will  create  a    financial  pool  that  will  subsidize   a fractional    portion  of  the  short  fall.  Signatories  to  the  code  of  conduct,   in  the  event  of  an  unsustainable  foreign  debt  crisis will  be  qualified  for  an  IMF   bail  out intervention,  but  nations  that  opted  out ,  will  not   be  included,  and  there  is  an  historical  precedence.


(3) The  Sierra   Leone's  central  Bank,  as  a  lender  of  last  resort,  can  contain  the  scope  of  the  country's  inflation,  by  complying  with  a  legislative  enactment  that  will limit  the  central  Bank's  percentage  take up, during  the  floating  of  treasury  bills. stocks  and  bonds.  All  Central  Banks,  world  wide  do.  Dubious  government  interventions  are  this  institution's  biggest  nightmare,  and  a  typical  example  being  the  Wilkinson  road  financing  project.  Without  this  legal  restriction. given   the  country's  exceptionally  weak  local  banking,  and  public  business  institutions  environment,   the  Central  Bank's extensive  use  of  the  lender  of  a  last  resort,  becomes  the  recipe  for  rising  inflation.  A  restrictive  legislative  enactment,  not  only  reasserts it's  role  as  a  lender  of  last  resort, it  ensures  also,  the  Central  Bank's  traditional  roles  as  the  government  chief  economist,  and   chief  financial adviser  as  well.


(4) A  legislative  enactment that  will  protect  the  country's  local  currency,  the  Leone  and  it's  domain,  against  the intrusion  of  the  other  dominant  foregn currencies,  like  the  US dollars  and  pound  sterling. A prototype  of  this  reform is epitomze  in  my  new publication, "Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development,"  " Is  Sierra  Leone Underdeveloped  or  in  transition?"


(5) An  enactment  that  will  set  up  a  commission  of  inquiry  into  the  country's  notorious  land  grabbing,  the  deliberate destruction of  Sierra  Leone's  historical  slavery  relics,  and  the  dubious  acquisition  of  government  owned  lands.


(6) Comprehensive  land  reforms  that  will  revolutionize  the  entire  country's  land  tenure  system,  and  complicated  as  both  the  freehold/landlord,  and  communal  system  may  appear,  the  reforms  must  be  sanctioned  by  legislative  enactment, and  a  national  referendum,  with  caveats  to  solidify  the traditional  roles,  and  rights  of    leneages,  and  chieftaincy  land  holdings. These  caveats  are  specified  in  my  new  publication, " Understanding Sierra  Leone's  Development,  and  they  must    convey  three  objectives;

(1)A  land  tenure  system  that  creates  value  for  it's  full  utilization  to  promote  wealth.

(2) The  adequate  utilization  of  land  resources  from  both  mineral,  agricultural  and  other  forms  of  land  associated  resources.

(3) Promoting  the  scope of  tle  land  value,  and  wealth,  through  collateral  investments nation wide.


(7)  A  national  commission  on  transparency  and  accountability,  and it  will  emerge  from   a  parliamentary  enactment  and  not  from  a  presidential  proclamation.  The  policy  and  retribution  by  application    should  be  draconean.  At  the  core  of  the  commission's  assignments  are  (a) the  randon review of  all  financial, and  personal  assets  of  all newly  appointed  public officials, (b) An  annual  assets  declaration  of  all  senior  public  officials,  and  quasi government  institution  personnel. with  the  rights  to  the  retrieve, or  confiscation  of    what belongs  to  the  people  of  Sierra  Leone.


(8)  A   new  comprehensive  education  reform  policy,  to  replace  the  government  misconstrued GBEKEH education  policy.


(9) Similar  to  the  French  judicial  system, and  it's   legal practice,    the  European  judicial  court  system,  especially  that  of switzerland,  Britain  and  the  United  States,  can  institute  a  similar  legal   approach   against  the  plundering  of  substantial  wealth  by  Africa's  politiical  leaders.    In  one  recent  case  involving  the  accumulating  of  property,   and  financial  wealth    by three  of   Africa's    political  leaders,   the   French   court  verdict   instructed    the  confiscation  of  both  personal  property   and  financial  assets  of  the  heads  of  states  of  Gabon, the  Congo  Republic  and Eqatorial  Guinea. The  plaintiff  for  this  case  was  Transparency  International French.  My  point  is,  if  our   European  nation  donors,  can  be  so  vigilant  in  locating  and  confiscating   the  financial  holdings  of Al-queda,  they  can  do  the  same  for  Sierra  Leone  and  it's  people. 


By  your  review  of  these  articles, please  be  part  of  the  media  event  on  "Sierra  Leone's  redemption." We  can  agree,  or  disagree  on  these  issues.











" Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development," A Quarterly  Report.



This  premier  publication  by  Xlibris,  an  Indiana  publishing  company  was  formally  launched  on  August  19,  2014,  and It's  quarterly  statistical  index has  been  released,  and  for  the  period  covering  October  to  December  2014,  the  viewers  visitations  to this   home  page  exceeded 4,200. According to  a  1&1 company,  an  internet  management  institution, these  visitations  were  multi- continental with  viewers  from  the  United  States,  Canada,  mexico  and  a  variety of  South  and  North  American nations,  like  Brazil  and  Chile. From Western  and  Eastern  Europe, they  came  from  Britain,France, Germany,  Russia, Italy, the  Netherlands,  Finland and  the Czech Republic,  and  from  Asia, China,  Thailand, Japan, and  Australia.  From  the  middle  east,  we  had Israel  and  Egypt,  and  from  Africa,   South Africa,  Ghana  and  Sierra  Leone.

However, I  must  report  also, that  covering  that  same  period, it's  total  sales  reached  450,  but  did  not  exceed  500  books,  and  therefore, our  sales  did  not  reflect  the  reality  of  the  viewers  statistical  index. The  initial sales  report,  according  to  our  sales  experts  are not  unusual,  especially  for  a  new  publication,  and  an  unknown  Author  with  no  celebrity  status.  Please  expect  our  second  quarterly  sales  to  be   different. On  behalf  of   my  colleagues, I  extend  my  gratitude firstly, to  the  managements  of  face  book  and  the 1 & 1 company,  and  secondly, our  fans,  my  colleagues  and  face book  friends,  without   which  surviving  the    threats   from  a  competitive  market  would  have  have  been   difficult.  We  must  inform  our  fans  world  wide,  that  the  Sierra  Leone's  Eagle  has  recently  landed in  Freetown, in other  words,  Understanding  Sierra  Leone.s  Development,  has   reached it's  main  destination, Sierra  Leone,  and  we  are  delighted.  Following  this  arrival,  a limited  consignment  of  this  book  will  follow  soon, together  with  a  gift  package of  50  book  stubs  for  free  down  loading.  It  will  be on  a  first  come,  first  serve basis,  and  only  for   our  6  form,  and  college  students.  Interested  students  must  contact  the  Author  by  email, or  through my face book site,  on www.face


As  I    have  repeatedly  predicted,    the Ebola  crisis  will  soon  be  over,  and  at  least,    by   the  ending of  March,  2015,  but  our  fight  to  resuscitate  Sierra  Leone's  economy  will  assume  a  wider  dimension  on  all social  media  platforms.  What  transpired   before,  and  after  the  Ebola  epidemic,  and  what  must  be   accomplished  to  avert  the  threat   of a possible  economic  collapse  will  be  addressed.  From  a captivating  perspective  also,   in  a  universal  debate, involving  Sierra  Leoneoneans   world  wide, there  will  be  a   social  media  forum, on  what  is  wrong  with   Sierra  Leone,  and  what  must  be  done do  bring  sanity  to  our  country.  Trust  me,  and get  yourself  ready  for  the  coming  events; My  series of  articles,  as   forerunners  to  this  great  debate, will  preceed  the media  forums  very  soon.  Watch  out  for  these  articles, very  provoking, very  challenging,  and   they  will  determine the  course  of  events in  Sierra  Leone.    Above  are  the  visitation  statistical  indexes. 


Coming  Soon.














Coming  Soon.













The Management, Enterprise  of Faulkner  and Muna  confirms,  that  plans  are  ongoing  for  either the   sale,  or   the  transfer  of  ownership of  it's decapitated  historical  edifice,  the  New  Building  Complex,  situated  in  the  suburban  township  of Waterloo,  in  Freetown,  Sierra  Leone.  There  has  been  a  consistent  wave  of  phone  calls  and  emails, and  we  are  concerned about  the  reactions,  and  incidents  of  protests  emerging  from  the  building  complex  aging  fans  world  wide, especially  the   former  fans  of  it's  once  subsidiary, the  Disco  International  Waterloo, or  the  D.I.W. club.   We  must  assure  you  all,  that  given  our  circumstances,  and  from  the  perspective  of  the  decapitated  building   historical significance,  whatever   decision  emerges  from  these  ongoing  negotiations  connected  with  either  the  sale,  or  the   transfer of  ownership of this  Waterloonean  Icon,  will be  in  consonant with  firstly,  the  interest of our  emerging   Faulkner  generation  in  particular,  and  secondly,  that  of  the Waterloo  township  in  general as  well.  Our  aging  father, and  grand  father  and  friend, Willie B Faulkner, a Waterloonean  himself, and a  devout  "son  of  the  soil,"    reserves  the  right  to  determine  what  is  best for  this  priceless  township   edifice,  and  considering  what  this  great  Sierra  Leonean  has  gone  through, we  all  must  rely  on  his  judgement to  undertake  what  is  right.  So  be  it,  and  may  God  bless  Sierra  Leone.

For  a  detailed  analysis of  this  building's develomental roles,  and  accompishments, the  Author's  new  publication, " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development,"  chapter  14,  and  it's  heading,  "Waterloo,  a  story  of  plunder  or  depredation," will  be  helpful.









Palsm:8: 4&5.


"What  is  man,  that  thou  art  mindful  of  him,and  the  son  of  man,  that thou  visiteth him.  For  thou  hast  made  him  little  lower  than  the  angels, and  hast  crown  him   with  glory  and  honor."


My  prayer.  O God,  heavenly  Father, gracious,  omni-potent, merciful,  and  creator  of  our  universe,  we  called  earth, help  us  all  to  understand  the  premise  of  thy  mystery,  and  the   cause that  encompassed  thy  discontent  with  us. By thy  grace, direct  us  to  that  course  from  which  the  disintegration  of  our  beloved  nation state, Sierra  Leone, is  rooted. Good  Lord, as  your  humble  servants,  we  question  neither thy  wrath,  nor  the  tribulations that  behoove  our  homeland. We  challenge  not  thy  choice  of  the  innocence  against  the  real  perpetrators,  or  the  threat  of a  near  collapse of  our  beloved  country,  Sierra  Leone,  but  remember  good  Lord, thy  quest  to  the  Pharaohs of  ancient Egypt, "let  my  people go," in  which  thy  cause,  and  thy  course were  explicite,  specific  and  finite. As Sierra  Leoneans, we  understand  neither  thy  cause,  nor  thy  course  upon  which  thou  seekest  to  bring  relief  to  our  beleaguered  nation.  Dear  Lord, by  thy  spiritual  power,  enable  our wisdom to  understand  the  psychology  of  thy  mission  of  wrath,  and  if  it is  by  thy  will,  then  so  be  it,  but  our  merciful  Jehovah, they  that  seek  to  destroy  the nation of Sierra  Leone, devour  them  all,  so  that  by  thy  wrath,  and  the tribulation  it  brings,  will  be  extended  from our  enemies,  to  their  offsprings,  and  their  generations  alive,  and  their  yet  unborn. Do  Lord, allow  not  this  nation's  calamity  to  be sustained,  but  let the  wrath  from   thy  damnation  be  hardened,  so  that  those  who   seek  to  destroy  our homeland  will  know  that  thou art  the  omni  potent,  the  supreme,  and  the  Lord of  Lord  of  this  universe.


Amen,  and  Amen,  and  AMEN.


The  Author  requests,that  every  Sierra  Leonean,  at  home  and abroad, our  foreign Sierra Leone  friends, world  wide, invoke  this  solemn  prayer  by  reciting it  three  times.  The  Ebola  virus epidemic  will  soon  be  history,  and  our  beloved  nation  state  of  Sierra  Leone  will   survive.






Sierra  Leone, a  former  tiny  West African  British  colony, and  scholastic giant, no  longer  enjoys  this  entitlement,  and  it's  description as  the  Athens  of  colonial West  Africa,  has dissipited,  with it's  scholastic  heritage  lingering  in oblivion.  It's  historical  institution of  higher  learning,  the  Fourah  Bay  college,  once  the  labelled Oxford  and  Harvard of  that  colonial  era, no  longer  exists,  and  well  documented, is  Sierra  Leone's  role  as  a  scholastic  donor  for  the  educating of   Africa's  emerging  leaderships,  with  the   Republic  of  Gambia as  one  of  it's  major  recipients.  Today,  that  legacy  of  scholastic  accomplishment has  been  relegated  to  the  bottom  of  a  dust  bean  container. In  retrospect, and  sadly, my  adaptation  of  this  biblical  book  of  Samuel's  quotation,  on  the  deadly   duel  end  game  between  Samuel  and  Jonathan  should  suffice:  " How  are  the  mighty  fallen, tell  it  not  in  Gath, nor  publish  it  in  the  streets  of  Absalom." My  country  men, blame  not  the  greed  of  this  world,  but  ourselves, our own  greed,  our  selfishness, and  the   mechanism of  that  demon  within us,  our  motivation  to  "get  rich  quickly  overnight."  


,  As a nation  state, those  we  seek  to  govern  us,  pursue  for  themselves  abnormal  goals that  have  eventually  brought  Sierra  Leone  to  the  brink  of  a  near  collapse.  The  premise  of  their  goals  is  typified  by  a  variety  of  plundered  mechanisms  connected  with  human  greed, and  the  accumulation  of  personal  wealth,  and  our  political  leaders  have  succeeded  in     surviving  these  abuses,  and  crimes   by  circumventing  the  psychic  of  a  substantial   portion of  our  illiterate  population.  By  acts  of  attrition,  and  through  ethnic  and  regional segregation also,  their  version  of  implied  consent is  secured, because  ethnic  or regional  agitations   only  help  to breed   non- chalant  behaviours, and  hypocritical   confrontations.   This  practice  of   divide  and  rule  political  phylosophy,   promotes  disunity  and  discontent,  a  scenario  that  is  typical  of  the  ongoing  Sierra  Leone  situation,  and  a  dubious  craft that  has  brought  us  all  to  where we are today.  It's  aftermath  as  a  result,  whether political,  social  or  economic creates  within  the  system  of  governance,  the  imposition  of a  disguised  oligarchi that fosters  the  mismanagement of  the  country's  natural  resources, the  accumulating  of  personal  wealth,  tribal  and  regional  segregation,  human  rights  violations, and press  censorship  and  corruption. Our  citizens  succumb to these  tactful  manipulations  because  of  the  absence  of   meaningful   transparency,  and  without  these   strigent  processes   of  accountability, or  checks and  balances, the  byproducts   they  create  are  extreme  hardship, extreme poverty, jobless  and  dysfunctional communities,  diseases  like  the  Ebola  epidemic,   and  the  ultimate  disruption  of   the  country's  economy. I reiterate, we  are  where  we  are  today  because  of  this  sitting  regime,  and  my  fear,  is  that  Sierra  Leone  is  at  the  brink  of  an  unusual  economic  collapse,  the  magnitude  of  which  is  difficult  to  ascertain,  but  As  citizens,  we  cannot  escape  the  reality  of  the  country's  situation, and  to  escape our  woes by  casting  blames will  only  render  us  all   unpatriotic.


I  said  this  once,  and  I  am  saying  it  again, the  Ebola epidemic has  sustained it's  catastrophe   and  soon, it   will  become  a   passing  through  phenomenon.  My  prediction  therefore, is  that   by  the  early  part  of  this  year,  2015,  the  Ebola  virus  infestation  should   become  a  passing  diabolic  history.


Sierra  Leone's  human  resources  are  in  abundance,  and  within  the  country,  and  abroad, and  qualified as  our  pool  of professionals and  technocrates  are, together  with  the  multiplicity of  our  country's  diverse ethnic capabilities, providing   the  right  type  of  human  resources  to  avert  such  looming  economic  collapse, is  evident  from  our human  resources  of  responsible  professionals.  Sierra  Leone  has  the  means,   and  Sierra  Leoneans  the  will  to  rescue  this  nation, if we  can  unite,  and be imbued  with  the  doctrine  of  the  late  governor   Clarkson's  prayer. At  this  moment,  the  display  of  gross  incompetence  by  the  sitting  regime, during  the  course  of  it's  governance,  and  during  the  Ebola  crisis,  renders  it grossly  incapable  of  addressing  the  multiplicity  of  social,  and  economic  problems befalling  Sierra  Leone   and  I speak  for  no  one  but  myself.   Sierra  Leone  is  pursuing  the  cross  roads of   inevitabilities, and  no  one,  other   than  the  president  of  Sierra  Leone, Ernest  Koroma   himself, can  salvage  this  nation  from  the  unpredictabilities  of  an  abyss. As  a  compromise,  there  is  no  other  alternative except, as a true  hero,  patriotism  demands, that  President  Ernest  Koroma,  circumvent    his  office of  executive  president   to  that  of  a " Lame Duck  President,"  and   save  our  nation  from  further humiliation.





















The Late  professor  Cox- George, a  Sierra  Leonean, was  an  alumnus  of  the  Sierra  Leone  Grammar  School  in  Freetown,, and  the  London  School  of Economics  where  he  obtained his  masters  degree  in economics.    In  1954,  he  graduated  from  Oxford university  in  England with  a  doctorate  degree  in  economics.

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It is  sad  to  report,  that  the  government  of  Sierra  Leone, is  not  in  control  of  the  Ebola  epidemic.  The  situation  is  worsening,  and in  the  township  of  Waterloo,  my  birth  place,  the  virus  has  stretched  it's  tentacles  to  include  the  newly  born  babies,  the  kindergartens  and  school  kids  from  ages  5  to  10. In  an  S.O.S. message,  these  kids  are  desperately  pleading,  or  crying  to  be  rescued  from  the  clutches of the  Ebola  virus,  and  in  a  further  telephone  conference  with  their  headmaster himself,  an  eight  year   old  female  kid  had  this  touching  plea,  not  only  for  president  Obama,  but  for us  also, and  I  quote,  " what  is  preventing president  Obama  from  rescuing  us?"  Baffled  by  my  emotions,  I  almost  wept. The  kids  school  is situated  at   my  once   new  building  complex,  which  during  the  country's  civil  war,  was  the  object  of  destruction  by  firstly,  a  pro-government,  Nigerian  dominated  E.C.O.M.O.G troop,  and  later  by  the  rebels.  A  photograph  of  the  building,  and  the  school  in   session  are  featured  in  my  book, " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  development,"  chapter  14,  on  "Waterloo,  a  story  of  plunder  or  depredation."


Since  the  Ebola  outbreak, I have  devoted  my  entire  self,  through  solicitations,  and by  an  improvised  universal  indictment  of  the  government  of  Sierra  Leone,  on  behalf  of  our  citizens,  to  have  this  dreadful  disease  contained,  but  to  be  frank,    the  seriousness  of  the  Waterloo  situation  defeats  my  imagination.  This  article  respresents  my  moment  of  plea  to  the  world  at  large,  and  to  the  U.N.I.C.E.F. and   from  every  effort  that  strengthens  my  courage, I  will  fight  to  rally  all  and  sundries,  on  behalf  of  these    kids,  defenseless  and  heart broken  as  they  are.They  are  poor,  but  loving  kids,  and  they  deserve  our  attention.  These  kids  are  defenseless,  and  no  one seems  to  be   listening  to  their  cries. In  desperation, they keep  on  running  with  no  place  to  hide.  Let  us  remind  ourselves  of  the biblical  tenets,  "suffer  the  little  children  to  come  unto  me,  and  forbade  them  not,  for  as  such  is  the  kingdom  of  God."  we  can  offer  them  the  chance of  a  second  life.  This  is  my  solicitation,  and  you  can contact  me  on email,  or

May  God  bless  you  all.





PART  (1).

I  must   commence  this  article  with  my  tribute  to  the  victims of  the  Ebola  epidemic,  and  their  relatives  and  friends,  and  we  want  to   assure  you  all, that  their  demise  will  not  be  in  vain.  The  fight  for  those  they  left  behind  has  just  commenced,  and  on  behalf  of  our  heroes,  and  in  memory of   their  battle  against  this  epidemic,  I  offer an  extract  from this  solemn  Sierra  Leone  Creole  Gospel  song.

Our  brothers  and  sisters, where  are  we   going  to? we are   going  to  the  Lord.  Our  brothers  and  sisters,  where  are  we   going  to? The  Lord  calls  us.  We  go  meet  up  nar  the  river  Jordan,  singing,  glory,  glory,  glory, we  go  meet  up  nar  the  river  Jordan,  we   are   bound  for  the  Canaan   shore,"




My  attention  is  now  drawn  to  the  resignation  of  DR,  Sylvia. O. Blyden,   and   for  me, it  is  better  too  late  than  never.   It  is  my  delight  to  send  her  this  felicitation.


Madam, DR.  Sylvia  Blyden,  please  accept  my  endorsement,  and  be  rest  assured, that  your  resignation  symbolizes  the  impeccable  grandeur of  our  beloved,  but  beleagured  African  women,   and  for  you,  the  idealism  of  the  African  femininity. You  deserve  my  commendation  and  wishing   you  well.


The  mystery  surrounding  the  Ebola  Virus  and  how  it  is  transmitted  is controversal  and  deserve  the  world's  greatest  attention To  the  medical  experts, the  virus  is  transmitted  by  direct  human  to  human  contact,  but  the  mystery  persists, and  there  may  be  more  to  it  than  the   guessing  of  our  disease  control experts. While  we  await   the  unfolding  of  the  Texas  Ebola  infection  episode,  involving  the  late  Thomas  Duncan  and  the  two  infected nurses,  I am  disheartened  by  the  prompt  intervention  of  the  Texas  hospital  medical  authorities,   and  their  pronouncement,  that  the  transmission  of  the  virus  was  due  to  a  breach  of  the  hospital's  medical  protocol,  a unusual  defence  mechanism, that  renders  the  two  infected  nurses the  victims,  and  scape  goats  of  their  guessing  game. In  retrospect, the  new  generation  of  this  horrific  epidemic  resembles  the  European  version  of  the  1342  to  1357  black  death  phenomenon,  potent in  it's  early  stage  and  distinct. This  West  African  breed, exhibits  symptoms  of  coughing  of  blood,  and bleeding  from  the  eyes,  nose and  mouth.  Furthermore, it  exhibits  also,   signs  of  haemorrheage  fever  which when  it  reaches  the  internal  blood  stream,  damages  the  internal  organs, causing  the  disruption  of   the  blood  vessles. The  victims  intensified  nose  and  eyes  bleeding  precipitates  vomiting  with  progressive  flu-like  symptoms,  and  the  victim  eventually  collapses,  resulting   from  the  agony  of  headaches  and  weakness. Should  there be  any  doubt  about  the  molecular  component  of  a  new  generation  of  the  Ebola  virus,  and   the  need  to  determine  whether  it  is  distinct   or  not, rather  than  guessing,  is  it  not  the  task  of  our  global  Centers  for  disease  control,  the  CDC, to  analyse it   and  provide  the  scientific    data, that  could   have  helped to  contain  it?   This  virus  phenomenon  is  real,  and  when  it  resurfaced  9  to  10  months  ago,  it  was  obvious  that  our  medical  experts  were  in  for  a  rude  awakening, and  the  failure  of  our  global  disease   control  institutions to  contain  it's  spread,  is  an  act  of  chronic  incompetence.  The  emergence  of  the West  African  version  of  the  virus  was a  bad  news  for  our  medical  experts,  because  the  entire  world  was  unprepared  for  it,   and  as   these  experts kept  guessing ,  it  stretched  it's tentacles  beyond  the  heart   of  West  Africa's  thinest  populations  of  Sierra  Leone,  Liberia  and  Guinea.  This  virus  if  left  uncheck  can  signal  the  dawn  of  a  universal  catastrophe,  and  should  it  be  transmitted  by  human to  human  contact  and  exported  to  the  shores  of  the  world's  most  populous  nations  like  China,  India,  the  United  States  and  Russia,  the  social,  economic  and  political  effects  can  pose  a  threat  to  the  entire  human  race.





I must  report,  that  part  1  of  this  article,  the  premise  of  my  anti-  Ebola  solicitation  world  wide,  is  enduring  the  greatest  attention.  Citizens  of  Sierra  Leone, we  understand  your  anticipations, frustrations  and  desperations,  but  please,  we  outside  Sierra  Leone,  are  doing  everything by  our   solicitations,  and  our  efforts  are  constantly  gaining  grounds. It  takes  time  to  assemble  the  entire  foreign  medical  machinery  units  to  have  the  system  in  place.  Let  us  learn  from  the  Nigerian  experience,  calm  and  patience.  The  Ebola  disease  can  be  cured,  and  the  World  Health  Organization   pronouncement,  that  our  sister  state,  Nigeria  is  Ebola  free,  must  come  as  a  relief  to  all  Sierra  Leoneans. I  reiterate,  and  let  not  desperation  be  our  human  weakness,   by  the  early  part  of  next  year, 2015,  this  dreaded  monster  would   be  history. It  takes  time,  but  as  soon as  all  the  medical  units  and  tools,  and  the recovery  management  process  are  in  place,  the  signs  of   the   recovery  will  be  imminent.

The  introductory  passage  of  my  book  questions  the  relevance  or  irrelevance  of  Sierra  Leone  becoming   a  nation  in  decay,  a  prediction  that  could  have  been  deemed  impossible.  The  question,  and  I  quote,  "  Is  our  country  in  decay?"   and  the  answer  is  neither  yes  nor no   but,   " I  hope  not."   With   the  Ebola  infestation, and  the  economic,  social  and  political  problems  emanating  from  the  emergence   of  the  virus,  it only  adds  insults  to  the  country's  existing  injuries,   and the  realities  indeed,  but   sadly,  is  yes,  there  is  the  possibility  of a  looming  decaying  state  in  the  making.   I  may  be   wrong.  As  the  call  for  an  anti Ebola  campaign  surges,  so  is  the  rise  of  the  world's    humanitarian  diversified   ventures,  and  for  Sierra  Leoneans, to  pursue  the  blame  game  approach  will  be  unwise, and  not  in  the  best  interest  of  the  country.  There  are  enormous  tasks  ahead,  and  what  the  nation  needs  now  is  national  unity  to  pursue  the  dissipation  of  the  devil  in  our  midst,    the  Ebola  epidemic.  We  have  a  problem,  as  to  what  is  to  be  done  to   totally  eleminate  the  Ebola  virus, and  for  me,  my  concerns  are  the  subsidiary  antecidents,  or  the  country's  pre-Ebola  economic,  social  and  political  problems  which   within themselves,  are  relevant  for  the  elimination  of  the  virus.  These  are  the  Ebola  out- break  contributing  agents,  and  they  are  symbiotic  in  their  relations,  and  must  be  applied  simultaneously  to  accomplish  the  elimination  of  the  virus. To  ignore  these  subsidiary  antecidents  brings  wastes  of  resources,  and  human  endeavor,  with  no  guarantee  of  a  non  recurrence  of  the  virus.  What  are  these  subsidiaries? Firstly,  similar  to  the  1946,  post  war  IMF  "code  of  conduct,"  that  circumvented the European  nations  doctrine  of  national  sovereignty,  involving  these  countries  foreign currency   exchange crisis,  with  the  collaboration  of  the UN, the  IMF  can  circumvent  this  doctrine  to  make  the  sitting  regime  a  sleeping  partner to  the  accumulation,  administration, and  the  disposal  of  donated  funds,    products,  and  policy  management  connected  with  a  variety   of    the  Ebola  programs.  Secondly, In  every  pursuit,  there  must  be  transparency,  thirdly, an  improvised  program  to  revitalize  the  Guma  valley   Water  dam,  to  restore  the  quality  of  the  city's  water  supply  system,  fourthly,improved  sanitation,  and  the  country's  public  health  system,  together  with  proper  trash  disposals,  contaminated  wastes,  and a sanitary  environment  that  will  minimize  the  scope  of  the  recurrence  of  cholera,  typhoid  and  Ebola,  fifthly,  minimizing  the  scope  of  the  country's  starvation by  food  supply  donations,  with imported  clean  water,  as  a  temporary  measure,  and  used  clothing.  Finally,  supplementing  the country's  poorly  paid  nurses  with  additional  monthly  incomes.  $25.00, or Le150,000  as   a  monthly  wage  is  inconceivable.  These  nurses  are  risking  their  lifes,  and  at  least,  a  monthly  stipend  of  a  $100.00 is  a  moderate  offer,  and  as  long  as  the  Ebola  problems  persist,  foreign  donations  should  subsidise   this  program.





Should  I  summarize  my  article  on  solicitations,  in  support  of  the  anti  Ebola  campaigns,  it is  subdivided  into  three  parts. ARTICLE  (1),  and  it's  premise,  MYSTERY  OF  THE  EBOLA  VIRUS,  HOW  POTENT IS  IT?  Article  (2), SUBSIDIARY  ANTECEDENTS,  AND  THE  EBOLA  EPIDEMIC,  and  my  final  solicitation,  ARTICLE  (3),  SUSTAINING  EBOLA,  THE  SIERRA LEONE'S  DILEMMA.   For  an  in depth  of  Articles  (1) & (2),  please  visit  the  Home  page  of  my  book,   "Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development,"  on   home  page Enterprise/about us.

  A  team  of  British  military  medical  corps   has  arrived  in  Freetown,  and  following  it  soon,  is  an  additional   group  of  other medical  experts, that  specializes  in  the  treatment  of    transmitted  diseases  similar  to  the  Ebola virus.  There  is  the  news  also,    by  a  government  sponsored  Canadian  research  institution,  of  a  break  through  with  the  serum,  named ozema ,  an  antidote  thay  may  likely  stop  the  spread  of  the  virus,  but  there  is  still skepticism,  and  more  time  will  be  needed  to  ascertain  it's  effectiveness.  The  World  Health  Organization,  is releasing  a combination  of  experimental  vaccines  that  will  be  utilized   at  the  preliminary  stage, as  a  testing  treatment , and  these  experimental  serums  and  vaccines,  are  significant  in   the  search   for  a  comprehensive   means  to  contain  the  Ebola  epidemic.They  may  take  some  weeks  for  the  vaccines  to  be  utilized,  but these  new  medical   developments  are  of  a great  significance  to  curb  our  frustrations,  and   all  means  will  be   pursued  to  help  find  the  cure  for   the  Ebola  virus.  With  these  new  developments,  the  Ebola  fear, which  usually  sends  the  infected  victims  into  hidings   will  never  occur  again,  because  Ebola  will  no  longer  be seen  as  more  contageous  than  the  disease  itself.   With  the  additional  treatment  centers,  the  means   of  containing  the  virus will  become  compelling  to  dispel  the  myth,  and  the  illusions  surrounding  the  disease.  What  are  these  illusions? Firstly, For  the  infected  Ebola  victim,  it  is  neither  a  death  warrant, nor  a  death  sentence,  but  it  can  be  cured  if  the  victim  can  report  at  the  nearest  and  safest  treatment  center,  and   the  earlier  the  report,  the  greater  the  chances  of  surviving  the  disease.  Commiting  suicide is  absurd,   and  absolute  stupidity .Secondly, Ebola  is  not  a  curse, and  the  alleged  report  of the   Ebola  "quick  fixing" practice,  is  illegal,  and  a  serious  criminal  offense  that   can  either  carry   a  death  sentence,  or  life  imprisonment.  Thirdly,  Ebola,  is  not  a  political  weapon,  and  the  movement  of  an  infected  victim  from  one  community  to  the  other,  for  the  purpose  of  infecting  another  individual  is  a  crime.  If  there  are  accessories  before  and  after  the  fact, the  parties  involved  can  face  long  term  imprisonments  also. Finally,  As  long  as  the  disease  lasts,  we  all  as  Sierra  Leoneans,  have  a  civil  duty  to  help  protect the  weak,  and  the  unfortunate   fellow  Sierra  Leonean,  and  we  must  unite  to  render, or  fulfil  the  adage  of  " you  are  your  brother's keeper" but  only, as  long  as it  is  not  at  the  expense  of  your  own  risk.


The  Sierra  Leone, pre-  Ebola   problems  are   enormous, and  resolving  the  epidemic crisis only,   will  be  inadequate  because  of  the  multiplicity  of  the  country's  problems.  Can  these  problems  be  resolved?  I  think  so,  but  by  the  improvision  of   a  well  disciplined,  crime preventive,  draconian   policy,  and  my  book,  Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  development,  spells  them   all  out.  Furthermore,  disturbing  also,  is  the  country's  mind  setting  initiatives  on   the  practice  of  corruption  without  mercy,  a  related  African  cancer  that  must  be decapitated  at  all  costs.  For  a  review  of  this  conviction,  the  chapters  on,  Monetary  policy  and  underdevelopment,  and  E.C.O.W.A.S,  exhaustively  addressed  these  issues.  I  must  emphacise  also,  that  in  support  of  the measures  to  combat  corruption, thanks  to  the  policies  of  transparency,  adopted  by  both   the  United  States,  and  the  French  judiciary. It  was  the  first  foreign  backed  initiative  aimed  at   resolving  corruption  in  Africa.  In  a  recent    French  court case,  connected  with  corruption and    transparency,  Involving  Transparency  French  International  against  the  heads  of  state  of  Gabon.  Equatorial  Guinea  and  the  Congo  Republic,  the  assets  of  these  African  burglars,  who  called  themselves   heads  of  State,  had   their   luxurious  houses,  expensive  cars  and  hundreds  of  millions  of  dollars,   confiscated  by  a  French  judiciary  decision. Their    defense  of  national  sovereignty,   and  diplomatic  immunity  was  thrown  out,  as    the  French  court  maintained,  and  I  quote,  "  the  applicability  of national  sovereignty  as   a  protective  shield,  is  unwarranted,   and diplomatic  immunity  could  not  be  presumed  to  extend  to  systematic  theft  of  state  property."  It  was  a  victory  for  a humanitarian  group  called  "Transparency  French  international,'  and  the  citizens  of  Gabon,  Equatorial  Guines  and  the  Republic  of  Congo.


In  my  country,  Sierra  Leone,  whether  it  is  the  machinery  of  governance,  or  the   political  leadership  that  determines  such  governance, there  is  nothing  within  it  that typifies  the  idealism  of  either  absolute  patriotism  or  absolute  nationalism,   and  what  we  have  inherited  is  the  hegemony  of  a  political  system  that  idolizes  the  tendency  toward  nepotism, tribal  and  regional  discrimination.   To  be  more  specific,   After  the  conclusion  of  the  country's  general  elections,  and  the  event  of  the  replacements  of  our  successive  sitting  regimes, what  our  political  system  has  inherited  or   accommodated  is  an  habitual  style  of  northernerism  or  southernerism, at  the  expense of  the  other  minority  ethnic  groups,  and  this  practice  is  consistent  with  the  policies  of  the  country's  two  major  political  parties,  the  APC,  and  the  SLPP.  This  deliberate  partcularization or  particularity  defeats  the  conscience  of  the  displaced  minorities,  resulting  in  the  mass exodus  of  the  nations  finest  and  brightest  bureaucrats.  The  predominant  misplacements  of  these  bureacratic  machinery  and  it's  effects,    are  largely  the  reasons  why  Sierra  Leone  is  where  it  is  today,  and   it's  citizens,  as  a  nation,  are  paying  dearly  for  it. It is  debilitating,  and  whether  we  condone  this  practice  or not,  it  persists  because  of  the  circumstances  that  obscure  the  inevitabiliy  of  the  self  defeating   roles of  illiteracy  and  poverty.  In  our  civilized  western    European  democracies,  illiteracy  and  poverty  or    the  legacy  of  that  political  right  of  choice  has  never  been  compromised. That's  the  credence  of  democracy,  and  the  absence  of  this  doctrine, which  really   is  not  the  fault  of  our  people,  creates  the  avenues, by  which  tribal  or  regional  discrimination    is  paramount  for    securing,  and   sustaining  political  power,  and  then using   such   power  to  amass  substantial  personal financial, and  property wealth.  Furthermore, The  concept  of  Northernerism, and  it's  mismanagement  is  demonstated   by  the  adsurdity of  the  country's   education  policy, the  improvised Gbekeh policy  that   typifies   the  monopoly  of Northernerism.  Just  the  interpretation  of  the  name  itself  symbolizes  the  erosion  of  our  education  policy,  and If  it  is  not  outrageous,   then I  know  not  what it  is. The  word  Gbekeh  in depth,  is  a  Temne  slang with  a  Krio  adaptation, which  epitomizes the  sounds  from  a  dilapidated  chair  or  bed  that  is  at  the  verge  of breaking  up,   or collapsing.   With  the  movements  of  it's  occupant, the  sound  intensifies,  as  the  sequence  of  the  occupant's weight  is  excerted,  Gbekeh, Gbekeh  Gbekeh,  and  the  constant  exertion  of  the  weight  can sometimes, cause  the  erosion  or  collapse   of  either  the  chair  or  bed. In  short,  what  the  current  Gbekeh  education  policy  symbolizes, is  the  constant  dismantling of  the  country's  education  policy,  and  with  it,  the  erosion  of  an  education  system   that  once symbolizes  our  nation, as  the Athens  of  West  Africa.


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I  detest the  claim  by  some  western  European  medical  experts,  that  before  the  demise   of  the  Ebola  plague, an  approximate  twenty  thousand  West  Africans  would  have  been   infected.  I  consider  this  estimation  a  sham  and  believe, that  not  too   long, and  may  be, by  the  early part   of  next  year, the  Sierra  Leone  Ebola  menace  will  be  history.  My  concern  is  that  the  Ebola  virus is  just  an  iota  of    greater  social  and  economic  problems  in  which   it's  aftermath,  only  adds  more  insults  to  the  country's  injuries.  It  must  be  noted,  that  before   the  outbreak  of  the  Ebola  virus,  my  book,  Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  development, not  only  predicted it,  but  addressed  the  causation  and  warned,  that  unless  something  was  done  to  prevent  it,  there  would  be  a  catastrophe. The  reference  to  this  prediction  is on chapter 6,  " the  impotence  of  the  Sierra  Leone's  land  tenure  system."   As  regards    the  three  day  anti  Ebola  lockdown,  it  has  come  and  gone  with the  cordiality  that  typified  the  professionalism  of  the  field  trips,  and  those  assigned  to  them.  From  a  therapeutic  perspective,  little  was  accomplished,  but  troubling  enough  is  the  social,  and  economic  pandemonium  that  may  emerge  after  the  Ebola  virus  demise.

 My  wife  and  I  watched  the  three  day  lockdown  presidential  speech,  and  from  his  demeanor,  which  was  not  a  gimmick,  my  vision  of  the  president  indicated, that  he was  deeply  troubled    and  depressed.   We   were  deeply  concerned  about  his  breathing  abnormality also.  During  my  tenure  as   a  professional,  or    being  a   former central  banker   myself, the  president  is  neither  in  control  of  the  country's  situations,  nor it's  circumstances  and   that's    troubling  too.  According  to  my  wife,  a  Makeni  breed  herself,  her  comment  about  the  president,  I  would  describe,  was  not  in  defence,   but  that  of   coming  to  his  rescue.  They  were  neighbors, and  childhood  buddies.  The  president  grew  up  in  a  well  disciplined  Makeni  township  family  home,  with    his  late  father,  a  prolific  township  activist,  and  his  late  mother,  a  traditional  loving  teacher,  and  my  wife's  mentor.    This  guy   has  the  credential  of  a  well  disciplined   leader,  but  why  is  he  not?  And that's  the  million  dollar  question.  I  am  reminded  of  the  Shakespearean  quotation;   " there  is  no  art  to  find  the  minds  construction  in  the  face."  He  never  sought  the   credence  of  this  addage,  and  ended  up  becoming  the  mince  meat  of  those  he  trusted  to  run  the  affairs  of  the  state.   Some  of  these  losers,   they  blow  your  horn, and  dance  the  dance,  so  next  time  Mr  president,  beware  of  the " gifts  from   the   Trojan  horse."


Mr  president,  I  am  sorry,  but  please   realise I   like  you,  because  I  love  my  wife  dearly,  and   because   some  of  my  best  friends  are  in  your  cabinet, your  administration,  and  even  in  the   country's legislature,  but  absolute  patriotism , demands  my  loyalty  to  defend  the  integrity  of the  mother  land.  My  question,  and  the  sad  news.  Your  choice  of  leadership  to  run Sierra  Leone,  was  it  defined  by   the  acquisition  of  Northern  clansmen,  or  from  the  premise  of  the  best  from  the  best,  irrespective  of  their  regional  traces?  That's  the  fact,   plain  and  simple,  some  of  your  reliable  officials  are  born  notorious  losers, and  inadvertently,  your  wrong  choices  have  come  back  to  hunt  you,  and  my  profile  of  two  incidents  should  suffice; Eight  years  ago,  there  was   a  US based Bombali   Association meeting,  in  preparation  for  the   Association's  convention,  and  fund  raising  dance. At  the  conclusion  of  all  these  events,  the  circumstance  surrounding  the  Association's  missing  funds  was  a  mystery.  The  female  members,  including  my  wife  demanded  transparency, and  the  Association's  leadership indicated,  that  their  funded  checks  became  outdated  because   they  forgot  to  encash  them, and  as a  result,  they  were  dishonered.  Could  you  believe  this?   Furthermore,   After  your  first  APC  electoral  victory,  and  prior  to your  head  of  state  ascendancy,   some  of your buddies,   you  now  entrusted  with  the  running  of  your  administration  deserted  their  wives,  and  almost  left  them  homeless  when  their  houses  were  foreclosed.   These  disturbing  circustances prove  my  case.  Let  this  be  clear,   my  coming  into  prominence  has  nothing  to  do  with  the  solicitation   of  a  government  appointment,  and  want  you  to  be  aware,  that  when  I  was  asked  to  join  your  administration  long  years  ago,  I  rejected  it  and  maintained ,  that  I   was  getting  old  and have  seen my  days. I  assured  my  friends,   that as  an  old  and  experienced  Sierra  Leonean,  my  role  was to  give  our  young  men  the  opportunity  to   run  the  country,  and   that    role  as  an  elder,  would  be   to  guide,  criticize  or  condemn  you  people.  That's  what  I am  doing now,  guiding,  criticizing,  and  condemning  you  people  through  articles,  and  through  my  magnificent  book,  " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  development."  To  my  surprise,  this  book  is  winning  the  attraction  of  the  world,  my  "Faulkner's  hypothesis  of underdevelopment,"  my  doctrine  of  the supper  power,  and   my   creation  of  the  concept  of  disguised  remote  genocide,   a crime  against  humanty  I  believe.The  totality  of  these  characterizations   forms  the  core  of   our  country's  universal  indictment  against  the   government,  by  the   peoples  of Sierra  Leone. Please,   do  not  be  misled  by  statements  from  some  of  your  losers,   and  sadly, one of them   characterized  me  as  an  intellectual  idiot.  These  are  the sycophants  that  get  you  into  this  mess,  but  curse  ye  he,  that  he  is  not  born  of  a  woman,  because  if  he  does,  my  curse  of  damnation  will  follow  him  to  his  grave  bed.


 The  president  statement,  that  the  Ebola  virus  was  brought  into   Sierra  Leone   by the  two  neighboring  states,  Liberia  and  Guinea  was  inconceivable   and  non-neighborly.  Such  a  remark  is  like  an  unqualified  workman  complaining  about  his  tools  when  something  goes  wrong.  It's  a  big  diplomatic  blunder, and  who ever  drafted  that  speech is  not  only  stupid,  but  lacks  the  basic  tenets  of  international  diplomacy. We  are  where  we are  today, because  of  the  pomposity  of  the  Sierra Leone's  sitting  regime.  The  audacity  to  display  a  fleet  of  top  line  land  rovers  assigned  to  it's   government  officials, the  projection  of over  one  billion dollars   for  a  small  hydro  project,  the  sequences  of  extravagant  life  styles  at  the  expence  of  a  beleaguered  nation,  especially  those  who  cannot  determine  where  their  next  day's  meal  will  emerge  from,  practices  of  systematic  corruption  without  mercy,  massive  wastes  and  mismanagement  of  the  country's  resources,  luxurious  homes  and  the  grabbing  of  private,  and  government  owned  lands,   a   nation's   capital  that  is notorious  for  it's  bacterial  laden  trash,   overcrowding,  and  deteriorating  public  health  system   conducive  only, for  the  germination  of  diseases  like  cholera, typhod  and  the  Ebola  virus.  Furthermore,  the  usurpation  of  the  Sierra  Leone's  judiciary  independence,  the  repression  of  free  speech,  or  the  unlawful  arrest  of  our  young  journalists  are  unacceptable.  Against  these  violations, the  Sierra  Leone  people  have  instituted  a  universal  indictment  against  the  government  of  Sierra  Leone,  and  in  support  of  these  violations,  is  my  book,  Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  development.  This  book  will  guide  us  all   guide  through  our  country's   ordeals.  This  book  is  now  a  component  of  the  U.S  congress  library,,  and  will  be  forwarded  soon  to  the  U.S.  president, the  U.S.senate, U.N,  IMF  and  the  speaker  of  the  British  House  of  Commons.


At  age  75,  Sierra  Leone,  is  at  the  lowest  peak  of  it's  existence  as  a  nation  state,  and  the  worst  I  have  witnessed  in  my  life  time.  I  blame  the  president  and  no  one  else,  but  there  is  a caveat,  Ernest  koroma,  whether  we  like  him  or  not,  he  is  still  our  president.  and   If  he  falls,  not  only  the  country,  but  we  ourselves  will  fall also.  The  mass  exodus  of  our  "finest  and  best,"  or  the  country's  brain  drain  must  cease.  Our  ancestors  home  is  in  ruins  and  constantly  crumbling  down.  Sierra  Leoneans,   especially  our   nation's  elders,  ages  70  - 100,  we    need  to  put  all  hands  on  deck  to  rescue  this  president,  and  we  must  do  this  not  because  we  like  him  or  not,   but  for  the  survival  of  our  souls, and  for  the  sake  of  posterity. By  the  grace  of  God,  through  absolute   patriotism,  we  can   make  what's  wrong,  right.  This  man  has  learnt  his  lesson,  trust  me,  we  have  that  good  old  days  "Ratlan"    by  his  waist side   to  whip  him,  until  he  shouts,    " PA, PA,  ARE  BAGE  SIR."   May  God  bless  you  all.





The  home  page,  as  a  component   of  it's  magnificent  premier  publication,  " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  development,"  and  the  universal  indictment  of  the  sitting  government,  by  the  citizens  of  Sierra  Leone,  is  gratified  to  report  the  gradual  upsurge  of  it's  review.  According  to  the  web site  management  company,  called 1 & 1,  and  expressly  reported,  my  home  page   is  receiving  the  greatest  world-wide reviews  or  attractions.  As  at  the  formal  launching  of  my  new  book,  August 19,  2014, the   visitations  or  reviews of  the   home  page  site  have  reached  1,831 viewers,  and  is  progressing. Furthermore,  just  for  September,  2014  alone, it's  reviews  are  sustained  at  703 and  rising,  something  that  is  inconceivable  for  an  unknown  author. It's  an  indication  that  the  world not  only  cares,  but  that  the  nations  within  it   are  of  great concerned about  the  Sierra  Leone's  people's  plight. You  must  be  reminded,  that  at  the  epicenter  of  our  fellow  Sierra  Leoneans  agony,  "Understanding  Sierra  Leone's development,"  exists  to  get  them  through the  tribulations,  and  the  suspense  that  accompny   this Ebola  menace. The  government  state  of  emergency  is on,  and  the  lock-  down  will commence  soon,  and please ,  comply  with  the  emergency  measures,  by  not  only  accommodating, or  by  cooperating  with  the  authorized  anti-  Ebola medical  officials,  but  be  strong  to  know  that  the  good  Lord  is  still  our salvation.  Rest  assured,  this  Ebola  menace  will  soon  be  history.  Trust  me,  be  of  caurage,  the  world  cares,  and  soon,  all  will be  well  again.


---------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As  the  events  continue  to  unfold,  it's  difficult   for  me  to  contain  my  frustration.  Is  this  Ebola  plague  a  spiritual   gospel  prediction?   From  a  Sierra  Leone  Creole  spiritual    gospel,   "Weapon  of  war,"   my  review  says  so,  and  I  Quote,  "   O  our  God  will  you  not  judge  them, for  we  have  no  power  to  face  the  vast  army  that  is  attacking  us.  We  do  not  know what  to  do,  but  our  eyes  are  upon  you;  and  the   Lord  said,  DO  NOT  BE  AFRAID,  OR  BE  DISCOURAGED  BECAUSE  OF  THE  VAST  ARMY, FOR  THE  BATTLE  IS  NOT  YOURS, BUT  GOD,   AND  YOU  WILL   NOT  FIGHT  THIS  BATTLE  ON   YOUR  OWN.   APPOINT   THE  LORD,  JEHOVAH,   and  then  he will  be  your  weapon  of  war." Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development,"  at  this  battle's  epicenter   will  witness  the  dissipation  of  this  deadly   Ebola  menace.  Citizens  of  Sierra  Leone, where  ever  you  may  be,   you  are  not  alone.  We  are  praying  unceasingly,  and  this  Ebola  nuisance  will  be  history  soon.  


Emails  keep  pouring  in. " Understanding  Sierra  Leone's  Development."   " As  Sierra  Leoneans, we  love  you  much  and  are  proud  of  this  book.  A  friend  sent  me  an  email  about  your  book, as  excepts  of  the  book  are  available   and  searchable  on  the  internet.  I  have  read  many  pages, and  what  an  excellent  book."                                                                                                                                                                         As the  world  awaits the  fruition of  the  preliminary  outcome  of   the      "Universal  Indictment"  of  the  Sierra  Leone's  government,   it  pleases   the   citizens  at  home    and  abroad   also,  to  compel  the   country's  legislature,  called  parliament,   in  no  uncertain  terms,   and by  it's  prerogative,  to  either  denounce or  disassociate itself  from  the  woeful  waste,  and  mismanagement  occasioned  by  the  sitting  regime's  outrageous economic,  social  and  political  policies,  or  affiliate  itself  with  the  following    irreparable   precarious  situation, firstly,   a  situation  that    bears   semblance  to  the  act  of  disguised  remote  genocide,  and  secondly,  an  economic,  social and  political  predicament,   consistent  with   crimes  against  humanity.   The  people  of Sierra  Leone  are  speaking,  so  be  it,  and  enough is enough.


Disturbing events and case studies, involving  among  others, waste and mismanagement are highlighted and addressed. Author Faulkner claims, that  his country's  land tenure  system is archaic and  in disarray, and considers the government's Wilkinson road reconstruction project, ill advised, wasteful, and politically motivated. On  what  he  describes as Africa's practice of systematic corruption, the author defines corruption as a new dimension of crime against  humanity, and distinguishes between genocide proper and disguised remote genocide. He discusses the political,  economic,  and  social status of the Economic community of West African states,  the inconsistencies of the organization's modalities, and their   ineffectiveness  in promoting integrated trade relations within  the West Africa's sub region. In his own words, his advice to the African leadership;  " set Africa's house in order, and paradise will emerge."  He discusses the country's projected billion dollars Bumbuna, 202, phase 2, hydro-  contract,  condemns it and determines that in the long run, because of the unusual magnitude of the contract value, the repayment would become a segment of Sierra Leone's unsustainable foreign held debts. An unfortunate burden he claims, and to quote him, " our  great and great grand  kids, will have to undertake."   On the impotence of the Bank of Sierra Leone, the country's central monetary authority,  he questions the professionalism of the governor and,  his institution's inability to sustain the credibility and value of the leone currency  within  it's  own  domain.  The author warns, that the new Grafton- Regent motor road project, is  the  re -creation of a phantom of  the " Orogu hill" , a once  notorious and  dreaded  motor way, and that it resusitation as a mass exit,  is a recipe for auto disasters  waithing to happen. Author Faulkner introduces his new   development  hypothesis,  and it's concept and analysis  also..  From an historical perspective, he discusses the depredation of the township of Waterloo, a symbolic moment he claims, as his  new building complex, standing  in ruins and yet  functioning as a learning center. He visualizes  the sitting government alleged plans to review the country's constitution, and warns of a world wide outcry of condemnation, should  an extended presidential office term gimmick  is brought into fruition.

On the question of   Sierra  Leone's  developmental   initiatives,  " Understanding Sierra Leone's Development,"  identifies the economic, political and social problems, analyzes them  and raises the depth of the implications as they relate to development. In addition, the means by which these problems could be minimized or resolved are provided, and for every issue raised, there is a solution supported by caveats or improvized initiatives, like the Faulkner's hypothesis on development. There are case studies with  descriptive images also. In summarizing his  objective, author Faulkner describes the process, and scope of the developmental  problems, involving Sierra Leone in particular, and the emerging nations in general. In short,  he claims,  that because the emerging African nations' developmental problems are identical, Sierra Leone  becomes his focal point of interest. His book contents he maintains,  are simple, precise and suited mostly,  for Asian, African, and Arabian  students, and those of the sub American continent  whose second language is English. 


In a conclusive speech  author Faulkner, expresses his dismay at the gradual erosion of the country's integrity, and lashes out at all Sierra Leoneans. His message he maintains, is not only for the sitting government, but for the entire country as well,  and to quote him, " Mother Sierra Leone, is solemnly crying for help and no one seems to be yielding to such a call. Our nonchalant attitudes and   the fear of repression, or our psychological protection mechanisms, keep us all silent  but, our inability to simultaneously  voice our conscience, represents the greatest betrayal mother Sierra Leone can endure, a betrayal so basic and worse than that of Ceasar by Brutus."  Also, on the evils of tribalism, he  maintains,  and  to  quote him again,  "mother Sierra Leone, is neither the personal estate of the south nor the north but, represents the birth place of a  nation, symbolizing the multiplicity of cultures and tribal amalgamations."  Finally, on the country's once Creole aristrocracy,  author Faulkner admits,  that  the dominance of a once creoledom  and, their intolerances cannot be ignored,  but maintains  also, that  within this  enclave  was intellectualism, and  the beacon of the nation's early educational pursuits.  Furthermore, he  claims  that the country's   lingua franca,  Krio,  the  nation's  main local dialect,  lives on  to bind  every  Sierra  Leonean, , irrespective of tribe, religion or regional affiliations.    The author  advices, that in the country's  moment of displeasures and unpredictabilities, the sitting government should be at liberty to listen to the voice of wisdom, and not to be guided by greed, and selfish pride. To the president,  Dr. Ernest  Koroma,  and to quote him, "It's a noble  task of such magnitude, It's your moment, grab it." 


Understanding Sierra Leone's Development, is a master piece instrument.  It  is provocative but revealing, explosive but down to earth, and yes,  fascinating  with the   author's display of  development, economics at it best. According to our findings  on this  subject,   involving  the  other  group  of  African writers, author Faulkner  stands  as the first  Sierra Leone born  author. The press release,  publicity  campaigns, and other public relations undertakings  have commenced, and  this  book  will be available by July  2014.   When available, grab and buy one,  and become a participant to a great universal debate on Sierra Leone's economic development.  For retail or whole sale orders, contact Xlibris publication on, 1-888-794-4274, or Book code, 141749. 







On  tribalism and regionalism;


" Mother Sierra Leone, is neither a preserved estate for the south nor the north, but  represents the birth of a nation symbolizing the multiplicity of cultures and tribal amalgamations.  She is not a single tribal enclave of the south, north, east or west and, for this reason our nation must remain unite for posterity."


On Creole  aristrocracy;


" Yes indeed,  the dominance of our once  Creole aristrocracy, and the  intolerances cannot be ignored, but within it was intellectualism  and a beacon for the  nation's early educational pursuits. Furthermore, the Sierra Leone's lingua franca, Krio, our major local dialect, lives to bind us all, irrespective of  tribe, religion or regional affiliations.  These cultural diversities, which epitomize our Africal heritage, and our  traditional lineages, should seek to ensure our firmness always, and not to set us apart." 

On the constitutional Review committee;


" The sitting governmen  plans for a review of the country's constitution,

should it be a gimmick to deliberately extend the presidental term of office,they should expect a world-wide outrage,  and a nation wide outcry and  condemnation.  The entire world is watching." 


To the advocates of signs of progress in Sierra Leone.


"The presumption of  significant signs of development in Sierra Leone is false, because the concept of development is grossly misunderstood. The proponents, disingenuous as they are may be misguided aliens from the planet Mars."



The author counsels the sitting government.

-------------------------------------------------------- "

At this moment of the country's displeasure  and   unpredictability, let those chosen to govern us  be at liberty to listen to the voice of wisdom  They must   not  be guided by greed or  selfish pride, but according to one's conscience, do the right thing,  to facilitate genuine prosperity for Sierra Leone,"


To all Sierra Leoneans.

---------------------------- " Destructive and catastrophic   as  the Sierra Leone,s civil war was, I saw no justification for it,  and  If  only the country  as a whole, had listened attentively to the endless cries against hate, corruption, tribal and regional animosities, nationwide, those who perrished would have been alive today. We have still not learned our lesson."


On national sovereignty, and the  absurdity of the Bumbuna's 1 billion hydro project;


A question for his readers.

---------------------------------     "The sitting regime,  as a member of  the U.N,  and caught up in the Bumbuna's hydro  project contract of this magnitude,  at what point  can it connivance with the  private financial institutions, render  the question of national sovereignty inapplicable to  warrant  the intervention of the IMF and the World Bank.? Read my book.


On corruption, " Corruption persists, because  the perpetrators  have strong  political ties, and  protected by tribal, nepotistic lineages. The  audacity To even raise the issue   constitutes  a threat to good governance."


The Bumbuna's phase 2, 202megawatt, hydro project.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------"There  is nothing classified about it's deliberation  and conclusion,  and for  this reason alone,  transparency, or the peoples right to know is a primary and not a secondary issue. The public right to know requires full disclosure through  transparency, and by doing so enables the entire nation to be aware of what the government is getting us into."


"Sierra Leone may be secured, it's  integrity preserved, if those elected to serve our nation, can accommodate the strategy  of transparency. When it  is lacking, and the right  to know electorate  becomes  obscure, the entire notion of  responsible governance ceases."


"The country's tourism is an abomination."  


The Bank of Sierra Leone,  a miserable failure.


"The blame for the  central bank's ineptitude, is squarely on the shoulders of the bank governor. Outrageous  the  government's monetary policies may be ,   but  for the  country's  working class, the governor's endorsements of these wasteful spending initiatives  have caused  untold economic, and social hardships. In my opinion therefore,  the governor's indulgence by implication, is an act of 'disingenuous professionalism."


   The sitting regime's  projected 1 billion dollars,  Bumbuna's 202MW, hydro contract, is unthinkable  and motivated by desperation and greed. One begins to wonder, how many new  Sierra  Leonean millionaires this project will create"


"The new projected 1 billion dollars, Bumbuna's hydro contract,  and  a financial deal of this magnitude,  is inconceivable and deceptive by  design to exploit the Sierra Leone people. The country is poor, and it   cannot afford the luxury of a debt repayment of this magnitude.  in the long run, for our grand and great grand kids, it's a legacy  of  unsustainable foreign held debts with untold implications."


On the demise of tribalism.

---------------------------------" My wife and me, are  manifestation of the country's new creation.  By our matrimonial design and  unification, and by our peaceful, legal cohabitation for over 25 years, Willie Ebeaula Beccles Faulkner, and Memuna Bomposseh  Faulkner, sanctioned by our Waterloo and Makeni borneshores, or ancestral families,have manifested  that we can all get along." 


The new Grafton-Regent moter-way, an act of desperation.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------"The sitting government  is at the verge of creating the phantom, of  the  once "Orogu hill," and the Grafton-Regent new motor road, is no exception. For the president  to perceive this road project  as a necessity to resolve the city's traffic congestions and delays, is nothing but wishful thinking."   Read my book.


Protecting  Sierra Leone's working class.

------------------------------------------------------------------             The blame for this ineptitude rests squarely on the shoulders of the bank's governor, and the outrageous manipulations emanating from a bunch of  corrupt bureaucrates. These policies of   wasteful spending  initiatives, have created untold economic and social hardships for the average working class,  and in my opinion, the governor's indulgence by implication, is an act of  disingenuous professionalism. Should these  hardships persist, why not pay these workers monthly wages in dollars and sterling?   Read my book 


"In reality, the designs of the new Wilkinson-road reconstruction project, benefit  not the the average Sierra Leone citizens  but, the  "Lodge,"   a  club house, on the Wilkinson-Aberdeen ferry roads. It's an  enclave for the so called social elite, and  the rendezvous for the powerful and affluent.













For more  revealing passages from Understanding Sierra Leone's Development,, visit the home page, on  www. my- faulknerandmuna.0rg   ( Enterprise/ About us).     Our email.

Family announcement.


My husband or co-partner, Willie Faulkner is sick and during the course of his  recovery, all activities connected with  this website will be handled by me, Muna Faulkner. Please don't hesitate to contact me and i will be glad you did.


Recent medical progress report.


Am delighted to report that my husband, Willie B Faulkner has survived his  surgery and the next phase of his post surgery recovery will commence at the Bryn mawr rehabilitation hospital.Upon his discharge, the final phase of his recovery will be home based. Should I quote him at his bed side, Mr Faulkner maintains,"it's not over until God says it's over". We are praying for him.

Welcome to our new website,where you will find current information and updates. In addition, our web site, " Enterprise of Faulkner & Muna EF & M, is now in place,   and we welcome our prospective customers world wide. As an economist by profession, i was a former Central Bank executive, 1971 - 1987,and a retiree with a tenure of 32 years in both the public and private sectors.My wife and I  are evenly ready to make our business worthy of notice. Enterprise of Faulkner & Muna, will strive to offer the best to it's customers in Sierra Leone, West Africa and  the United States. In the long run,as we develop our  business, family oriented as we expect, we will gradually and in succession allow our children to succeed us.They are professionals and career oriented in their respective fields..


Our Family's virtues


Theme.                          God reigns everywhere


Motto.                             Learning is better than silver or gold. 


Motivation                        Nothing is impossible if you keep on trying.


A child's humble poem.      OBEDIENCE.


                                    At all events must i obey,

                                    difficult and unpleasent though it may be,

                                    to obey is better than sacrifice,

                                    said prophet Samuel to king Saul,

                                    when God's command was disobeyed.

                                    I must not my own way prefer,

                                    to those of my parents or teachers,

                                    nor must i grumble when the time to obey doth come.




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